Woof and Taxes (#1 SC Prague, 5-0)

lostgeek 3514

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This Border is being controlled by News Hounds!

I remembered that Death and Taxes is a good card and decided to build a Weyland deck around it. It turned out to be the hybrid glacier-rush-kill Titan deck that I was trying to build for a long time.

Your ideal start against a Shaper / Anarch is have no Agendas on your start hand. ICE R&D, Hedge, Death and Taxes. In the meantime you build your scoring remote so that when the Agendas drop by, you are ready to score them and keep D&T up the whole time. Since your ICE is so cheap to install, SSL, NGO Front, Rashida, Hedge and IPO often are enough to keep you afloat.

You can ride the Atlas train, but it is a bumpy ride full of hoping you draw into your Audacity faster than they find your Atlasses. That's why you try to score an SSL and an Atlas instead. If you manage to get two counters on that Atlas e.g. by never advancing it with an Audacity, it finishes the game right there and then.

Thanks to Tomas for organizing the SC and everyone participating for a wonderful day!

13 Apr 2019 moistloaf

wow love the looks of this. Is thimble worth the influence in a meta (still) dominated by turtle?

13 Apr 2019 lostgeek

It did work well for me in one game, where I used it to shift an Eli 1.0 around wherever I needed it. And in general it still is a cheap ETR ice that you can try and rush an Atlas behind.

But I agree that it is probably the weakest card in the deck and might as well be replaced by something else. Maybe a single IP Block or Wraparound or something like that.