Rangus Security (12-4 Nat'l / ANRPC / Regionals)

ctz 2956

Cool dreck I made to play children's card games with my friends. Gets krills, scores 7 of point, and generally confuses everyone.

Let's Check It Out: Agenders, Tarps, Do Stuff Cards, Rice.

Agenders: MVPs are Oaktown Renovation and Hostile Takeover. Oaktown is the king of tempo. Hostile turns on Archer and myself. Don't worry about the BP, runners cannot usually* use BP when they don't have breakers.

Tarps: Ghost Branch. Seriously, MVP of this deck. Install it, advance it twice, then watch the runner run on it at click 3, thinking that they will be able to just clear the Argus tag on click 4. 10 / 10 doesn't even cost anything to activate. Snare is snare.

Do Stuff Cards: Since math is hard, I wanted to play cards that caused the runner to have to do math. Patch and lag time work wonderfully, forcing the runner to dig deep back to elementary addition and subtraction. Patch in conjunction with lotus field & changeling is a monster combo. Power shutdown is great for NRE, SMC, and LMNOP.

Rice: Changeling and Lotus Field are the powerhouses here, as stated above. Changeling forces them to get a fracter, then a killer, then pay a whole bunch over and over again. Data Raven has to happen, so it is pretty good. And yes, Wendigo has actually won me several games, so it will stay for now.

Final Comments: I absolutely love this deck. It is hands down my favorite corp deck that I have ever made. Has multiple ways to victory, is fast and light, and isn't Blue Sun (Sorry Timmy, that's all you baby). Give it a shot, it is really fun. Faust hurts this deck, so I'm looking to fix that side of things. Other than that, don't mulligan into 4 agenders.

2 Aug 2015 whirrun

I like it alot. Can I ask what the benefits of Wall of Static over Ice Wall or Meru Mati are? Also, the tax plan with Patch and Lag Time seems anti synergistic with the amount of Bad Pub you'll be taking.

For Faust, try Spiderweb.

2 Aug 2015 Leviathan

Reggie Watts...? Is that you?

2 Aug 2015 ctz

@whirrun Parasite, clone chip, and grimoire are all pretty popular right now. Wall of static at 3 STR buys me a little bit more time. Also, econ is not a problem in this deck, "so who cares?" - Dr. Steve Brule

@Leviathan Nah you dummy

3 Aug 2015 skydivingninja

I recently made an Argus deck to try my luck at it, and I really like your inclusion of Ghost Branch. I think a good way to deal with Faust right now is traps. If they can get in anywhere, then one trap where they don't expect it could help buy you some time.

Is there anything in particular that you think will help against Faust?

3 Aug 2015 ctz

@skydivingninja Totally agree on using traps to mess with Faust. Traps are going to trap. I've considered swordsman, but it didn't test very well, since people are rocking clone chips and Vuja De.

Pretty sure the answer is high STR ice in combination with traps. You cannot E3 to increase STR, so they will spend cards on upping STR. Then the traps can seal the deal.

3 Aug 2015 spiralshadow

Pretty sweet dreck u got there Dr Brule. +1

3 Aug 2015 nobo

Are the Patches for when there is a leak in your broat?

£&)?: out of 10, lost to this deck 3 times in a row the day before I top 4'ed Nationals.

4 Aug 2015 moistloaf

was just thinking of revisiting modernism, as it's one of the only corp decks i've ever had any fun piloting. i will play this many times before i consider changing anything (: although i am skeptical of that lag time

4 Aug 2015 ctz

@moistloaf but dude, I'm worried about unscheduled maintenance. I moved this slot to virus suite.

4 Aug 2015 sirris

2 Ghost Branch. This is a pack of fucking lies sir.

4 Aug 2015 PackBenPack

Could definitely use Cortex Lock

5 Aug 2015 moistloaf

@thesenorcortez been playing this, having a lot of fun and winning a fair amount, even versus noise. my qualm with Patch is that it's rarely worth the click to install. I find myself frequently ditching them from hand, and am wondering if you're still sold on them

5 Aug 2015 ctz

@moistloaf Saw you on OCTGNLMNOP tonight, glad you are rocking the Argus. Still completely sold on patch. I would be willing to move -1 patch -1 lag time for 2 housekeeping, but that's about it. If you find the slot that the city deserves, please let us know here!

7 Aug 2015 tzeentchling

LMN so OP.

7 Aug 2015 tzeentchling

ETA: Considered Contract Killer in this deck? Seems like it could pair well.

7 Aug 2015 ctz

I am currently testing Snatch and Grab. I feel that I cannot have both ghost branch and contract killer, but I still wanted something that had the contract killer feel. My current slots around this:

-1 Lag Time -1 Patch +2 Snatch and Grab

8 Aug 2015 ichigokuto

Im no doctor, but from this description, are you having a stroke?

8 Aug 2015 Netscape

This is a dingus deck for hunks

9 Aug 2015 scd


10 Aug 2015 LazerDoofus

@thesenorcortez needs 3x ireress

10 Aug 2015 HexNet

@thesenorcortez did you test False Lead in the deck? After you score it, the runner has to play around not being tagged on their second click. Could be deadly, but maybe I'm just dreaming. (-1 Geo +1 False Lead)

@TheYoYoGuy no, needs 3x Chum.

10 Aug 2015 4dd150n

Tarps are my favorite component of any Corp deck I have ever made, regardless of faction, and somehow I've never used Ghost Branch. I am so mad at myself I might just give all my cards to the poor and stick to checkers.

10 Aug 2015 ctz

@TheYoYoGuy Come back to me once you've figured out how to integrate All-Nighter

@HexNet Ain't nobody got time for that. FL seems good, but you don't need it.

@4dd150n Stick to checkers ya dingus.

11 Aug 2015 Leviathan

Decklist of the Weak. CONGRATS!

12 Aug 2015 ashtaroth

What does LMN stand for?

12 Aug 2015 Leviathan

LMN = Leviathan's Monster Nuts. So OP.

2 Sep 2015 Grumbleteaser

This is the best deck write-up I've ever read. I can see that you are very smart.

18 Sep 2015 NerdimusPrime

Today when testing this deck I actually mulliganed into four agenders. I was ready to face @4dd150n over the checkers board, but I managed to win anyway.