[Startup] Reindrops Coat Scones (3-0 in Linköping CO)

postis 290

This cutie carried me to the win in a 4-person CO in Linköping. All opposing corps were Pravdivost, so to say the sample size is small would be an understatement. I also had very lucky pulls from R&D in all three games.

That being said, I do think this setup is solid. Bankhar can carry pretty much any old pile to reasonable results. Not Endurance level, but still extremely powerful and flexible, and pairs well with an aggro game plan.

My corp deck was barely able to keep up, but is probably more fun for the opponent than this one!

Card choices

Xanadu is not a fantastic card, but if you're playing it, you should play 3x so you get it early. And now that Startup has its own Faust, the other copies are not completely dead draws.

WAKE Implant is a fantastic card and should be in all decks all the time. It should be in your deck right now.

DZMZ is our console, because Startup is a wasteland for Anarch consoles (something which will not change with The Automata Initiative).

There are some flex slots here. I was originally on 3x Botulus and against an icier meta that's probably still correct. I cut it down to 2x to fit Imp, which was a meta call and not essential to the deck's plan. It plays well with Docklands Pass and WAKE Implant though, so you're always glad to have it.

The breakers are not chosen for efficiency, but for utility. Cat's Cradle obviously amplifies our denial plan, and Num is an influence-free single card solution for any sentries you can't handle with Bankhar or Botulus. If you never install it you've done well. The alternative would be something like Mimic + Leech and we don't want a combo as our fallback.

It would be nice to be able to fit PAN-Weave, but 4 influence for that card is a big ask. This deck doesn't want too many 1-of:s anyway.

Wildcat Strike sucks if you draw it late (this deck can absolutely mill itself out if the match drags on), but in a format without Daily Casts, it does the job. This deck does not need all of its money anyway, since you want to be keeping the corp poor if possible, but you want to have it close at hand even if you're casually throwing a lot of it away to Bankhar.

The exact numbers of Career Fair and Tread Lightly are still up for debate, but they round out the influence count nicely so this is where I landed for now.