I will GNAT U! 2.o -Montreal'sVirtual GNK- 1stPlace unbeaten

Klokotze 141

Is it spooky and dark outside?

Is there a pandemic raging and the world is literally on fire?

Are you 12 years old and supposed to fight a Mega Corporation?

Is your Name Nathaniel and you know that you are even better than damn good?

BOI do I have great news for ya then ... don't leave ya room and do NOT run ! Even your name "Gnat" - Going not anywhere today - indicates it ;)

the lovely outlook of any kids room

This is the deck I took to Montreal's J-Net Virtual GNK - Event #6 hosted by Andrej a.k.a The Metropole Grid.

It served me well playing 3 swiss rounds and being undefeated that day. Below is a link to the stream showing this deck in action in the final round of the tourney fighting for 1st place:


I made some slightly changes to a deck I already posted. More explanation and card decision there:


This new version was to adapt to the current meta. I cut 1 Fisk Investment Seminar for a Buffer Drive and Peace in Our Time. In test games it showed that Buffer Drive is a great help against PE decks or RP with Bio-Ethics Association. I might swap back again onto 2 Buffer drives since those can recur your Fisks midgame against decks that arent damaging you. Zer0 also benefits of having 2 Buffer Drives in your deck. But Peace is a great boost when you are stuck with low credits and since this deck has only 2 other priority cards otherwise, it isn't a huge struggle in the early/midgame.

The other major change I made is to slot a single Run Amok. Yes I know I know... the smart cookies gonna say "but Klokotze this is a RUNNING card!"

Well let me explain: in 99.9% of the games you do NOT use this card. But exactly in those 0.1% of games, so basically every third game nowadays ... the Corp tries to score out behind a single ICE. Since you are not favored in fast Match-ups where the Corp does little set up and thinks a mighty Vanilla can do it, you might aswell risk a run against Titan/Asa/SportsMetal since they usually do not have any punishment. When things go really bad you might Hail Mary the Archives to access all unseen cards you milled and hopefully win.

A special thank you to Andrej who is a real multi tasking machine. Running a tournament while commentating and being judge all at the same time was quite a challenge and well executed by him.

Also a shout out to everyone who participated in this tournament for being patient kind and friendly. The King who was the Runner-up that day encouraged me to play this type of deck.

And a big thank you to Timejammer, my friend from our local meta who created that image and playtested this deck with me.

23 Jul 2020 Council

It appears the season of the Tank is upon us...

23 Jul 2020 Council

Also, is there a slot for Stim Dealer? Seems like having an extra click would be nice and you can blank the card with Lovegood if you want to keep your hand.

23 Jul 2020 Klokotze

This would be a brilliant include. But in the late game this card competes with The Black File for the Dr. Lovegood. And especially in the late game when you recurred your Fisks with Labor Rights you dont want to get those sniped out of your grip. You could include other support cards like Isolation to make that Stim Dealer work.

I remember playing Amped Up in test games for additional speed.

23 Jul 2020 Klokotze

Additionally another down side of playing those cards is that you take a BRAIN damage. Unlike Zer0 which can trigger I've Had Worse. Keep also in mind that the Buffer Drive can save only 1 card per turn. So in some way those brain damage cards compete against Zer0

23 Jul 2020 Council

Makes sense, would also make Bethics related flatlines easier.

Very cool deck, it's like Lazy Leela but actually good I think.

23 Jul 2020 ayyyliens

What about Making An Entrance for more deck thinning?

23 Jul 2020 Klokotze

@ayyyliens worth a try. But keep in mind, that this card is a Priority aswell :)

23 Jul 2020 ShinChan

I have a similar deck and I think that Stim Dealer could be a nice include. You can always trash it with the Price of Freedom. I also considered Nihilist and 2 virus Breeding Pool to speed up the drawing instead of 3 Earthrise Hotels. It is a good combo piece being a Seedy card with Populist Reality as the "poor's man Price of Freedom".

3 Jul 2021 james123lui

Just saw Andrej's VOD today, almost a year since. Such a unique deck!

Go Android: Notrunner! :)