Stupid BOOM CI [1st @ Alphaspel SC, Stockholm SWEDEN]

mcbeast 1018

Took this to Alphaspel Store Champ in Stockholm on January 27th. Stole it from @tugtetgut. Won me games against Ayla, Val (Comrades), Good Stuff Hayley and Nexus Kim. Lost one game against ProCo Hayley (opponent played it well and I missed windows for kill).

Plan is to get a LOT of money of money, and have two remotes: one with MCA Austerity Policy and one with Sandburg. Put ICE on all servers (most important remotes and HQ). Kill the Runner with combo:

  • Gain 7 clicks (MCA AP + Biotic(s) or Efficieny Committee)
  • Threat Level Alpha to stick one tag
  • Closed Accounts
  • Threat Level Alpha to give one more tag
  • BOOM!

Or build a super-remote and score out. Your choice.

You can always take away the Runner's money to use Bryan Stinson also. He's good.

30 Jan 2018 TugtetguT


30 Jan 2018 mcbeast