Jin Teia

Mad Tinkerer 135

What is this? Jinja in A Teia!?!

Well yes, and we don't even try to glacier.

So the combo goes like this:

-> Draw 1 ice during the runners turn ... preferably at the end (Anansi, Spin Doctor or the easiest if you got it Flower Sermon)

-> Install the ice with Jinja City Grid

-> Use A Teia to install an Agenda (preferably the 2nd Server has a La Costa Grid installed)

-> Profit

Even without La Costa Grid you can score about half of the Agendas.

Stuff like Sprint, Spin Doctor, Mindscaping let you add Ice back to your deck.

Also note that since we install the Agendas in the runners turn we are immune to Clot.

19 Sep 2023 m.p

cool idea! would Timely Public Release make the cut? i know offworld power the econ, but TPR allows you to do the same thing even if jinja gets trashed

19 Sep 2023 Mad Tinkerer

@m.p It would definitly be a certain trigger but I usually try to shuffle ice in archive back with Spin Doctor and even if we have no more triggers left we still should have a decently protected server to sneak out a 3/2 Agenda