Hands Free

Diogene 4012

Fun deck, not too janky, that has a pretty engine built in.

Mulligan plan : you want Safety First in hand, mulligan for it.

Game plan : camp the remote and apply pressure on centrals from time to time, to keep the corp poor (so, regular runner stuff).

Trick of the deck : Safety First + Patchwork + Nathaniel "Gnat" Hall: One-of-a-Kind gives you a card and 3 per turn. That is what the engine is all about.

Tech cards.

  1. Guru Davinder is essential, otherwise we die to Snare!.

  2. Buffer Drive allow you to go for the long game, since you can use Patchwork for longer that way. Also, it can bring back a clutch card (a lost breaker, or Guru Davinder for example).

  3. Load of credits, to protect you from Hard-Hitting News.

This is a derivation on my Little Engine deck.

Note that a fun tech against tags could be Counter Surveillance. It would allow you to have an alternative if you get Hard-Hitting News early. This will make hail mary runs count more. In the early to mid game, this deck is weak to tags, since it has no way to deal with them but to pay for them. If you cannot pay for them, then you can go tag me and and make one big run, hoping to close the game that way.


5 May 2022 114141

Aren't you mostly getting HHN'd when you're low on credits? That would make using Counter Surveillance a lot harder. I don't know if a Scrubber wouldn't give you better chances against CtM.

5 May 2022 Diogene

@114141 : Since all the influence is used up, and since there is not much cards in faction to protect against tags, my idea would be to go "tag me" and try to win fast. Instead, I went with Liberated Account, to get even more rich. At the very least, it allowed me to recover quickly after clearing the tags.

Scrubber could be a pretty neat idea, but I don't know what to let go for it.

Thanks for sharing!