[Throwback] Lakshmi Kill (3-0 at Netgiro d'Italia)

guiot 551

A Breaking News + BOOM! deck that uses Lakshmi Smartfabrics to secure a kill.

The combo: you install and advance a Breaking News (that you possibly got with Digital Rights Management) while having another one in your hand, then install Lakshmi. On the next turn you boom.

If you already have Lakshmi installed, you can double advance the BN. This gives you Archived Memories backup in case your BOOM! gets trashed, and the ability to trash a Citadel Sanctuary in order to kill.

SanSan City Grid could be a 2x, but honestly you don't score out that much.

AMAZE Amusements didn't do anything in tournament, but can enable very silly plays.

NASX constantly becoming more and more of a pet card for me. The burst helps a lot in landing hard HHNs and other things. In round 1 I won by using it to get past No One Home.