1st Place Dutch Nationals 2016 "AC &D 1.1"

JackMade 2769

Went 4-1 in Swiss and 2-0 in the Cut. i only lost against Russian NEH which should actually be a good matchup. It was close and I guess, i messed up the start, so that is that.

All around this deck ran pretty smooth and having Yog.0 instead of ZU.13 Key Master turned out to be great although i would like to somehow get them both into the deck. I missed Inti at some points but overall it was not necessary. Deuces Wild on the other hand were absolutely amazing especially because of the added card draw, that criminals urgently need. Still no Plascrete Carapace because i just can't make me like the card, Crash Space has so much value in all matchups, that don't revolve around Meat Damage.