[Speedrunning Startup] Classy(c) Zahya

pouchsurfer 96

This list was developed for the stream "Speed Running the Startup format", Sanjay and my attempt to set a world record by winning a game with each of the Startup runner IDs with only 20 minutes per ID. Check out the stream here on Saturday, July 2nd, 1 PM EST.

Zahya embodies the essential criminal runner MO: run = make money. Her ID ability gives us a good extra direction: the more cards we access while running centrals, the more money we make, while incidentally increasing our chances of stealing agendas and winning the game.

This list has a lot of tools that help us do just that. Docklands Pass and Legwork provide the trademark criminal pressure on HQ. With The Maker's Eye and Conduit we can threaten R&D and force the corp to split their attention. Jailbreak offers additional flexibility. Sneakdoor Beta, and the usual criminal tricks helps us circumvent defenses while we look for our breakers.