Gateway Only Reality Plus

Tamijo 146


This deck is mainly about tags and how they can can be used to gain a lead over the runner without having to really do much at all. If the runner takes one tag in a turn, you gain 2c, and they will have to lose 2c and a click. That's at least a 5c difference you just made, but probably actually more. There's no two ways about it, your step 1 here is just having more money than the runner, and figuring out how to make that work for you. Why not rez a Pharos!

Of course, the runner could just keep the tags and not clear them. In that case you'd get to spend those 2c you earned and start trashing all of their Resources with the basic action card. No additional work necessary. Goodbye, Cookbook! Goodbye, Smartware Distributor! But of course, there are cards that help us even more when we have tags. Retribution can send your opponent's Programs and Hardware packing, too. Shave that Pennyshaver off the runner's rig, and if they've filled up their MU using extra copies of DZMZ Optimizer, you can get rid of that and they'll need to send a Program off to the heap with it. Thanks, Weyland. You've really helped us out here.

But it's not just our imported cards that are helping us out here. We have Predictive Planogram to propel us further and further ahead and find these cards, and a well timed Orbital Superiority can outright kill the runner. A nice little combo here is to have an Orbital Superiority in play with at least one advancement counter on it. If your opponent decides to try and attack HQ or R&D that turn because they don't fancy running through your Pharos again, you can track their Public Trail, then Seamlessly Launch your Agenda to drop some missiles on them, potentially killing them instantly!

We know where you are. This is your new reality, your Reality Plus.