Tap Dancer (Dome_con Winner)

TugtetguT 2006

This is the runner deck I played at Dome_con. It is an attempt to deal reasonably with Mti glacier and it sort of works, though I think the list clearly shows that there is room for much improvement and a little refinement.

For instance Peregrine is an absolutely awful card.

However I did go undefeated beating The Outfit, Jinteki PE, Urban Renewal Cybernetics Division with 3 Executive Bootcamps! and 4 Mti players. So I must have done something right.

The GPI-Zamba-Aumakua engine is absolutely bonkers once it starts rolling. Any server with ICE that isn't very punishing, becomes hugely rewarding for you to farm and equally so a viability for the corp. Which of course makes 'Install and adavance agendas behind ICE' a lackluster plan.

To get to this point you deny as many credits as possible from the corp with 3 DooF, 3 Corporate Grant and your ID ability from 419 which your opponent cannot let fire after aumakua is on the board. Furthermore once you have Rubicon switch you can start derezzing an ice per turn, eventually making rezzing ICE unviable. Xanadu just adds insult to injury.

'Leave No Trace' is the best card in the deck. Use it on the remote. Then use it again on the remote. On sunday evening Ouzan mentioned the hilarious interaction between Muertos Gang Member and 'Leave No Trace'. It's brilliant. I can't wait to try it out.

The rest is just econ, draw, 1 labour rights and a film critic. You're not rich in the early game and you need to draw into your combo so i figured 0 cost money and draw cards were the best fit to fill up the slots.

Finally I was playing 46 cards and 6 copies of Exclusive Party, so I decided to cut 1 to make 45-card purists happy, though I hope 5 parties is equally infuriating :-) And also I made a bet with Jan, @qvm, that if I won the tournament with 5 parties he'd treat me to drinks all night.

As always community events are the best to attend, the entire weekend was great and a big shout out to Dominic for organizing this.

11 Feb 2019 Longi

Hello Asger, congrats on the amazing win. You mentioned some refinements may be in order. Any particular suggestion on your mind already?

11 Feb 2019 boreira

Congrats on amazing performance and deck selection!

11 Feb 2019 Labbes

"Free drinks" was the biggest ruse. Also you thinking about Muertos Gang Member was probably my favorite moment of the weekend.

11 Feb 2019 Noroo :D

How to deal with Swordsman, IP Block?

11 Feb 2019 BizTheDad

I played against this deck before he won a tournament with it... I hate it.

11 Feb 2019 Saan

@Noroo :D I think the deck strait up loses to Swordsman (or at least has to focus on other servers that aren't protected by the Swordsman), but I think as far as IP Block goes, I'd be tempted to just wear the tags. It's not like having PAD Tap trashed for 1 less matters that much, and trashing Crowd Funding doesn't matter in the least. The rest of the resources really don't matter that much.

11 Feb 2019 Tolaasin

What would you change now you've played competitive games with it?

11 Feb 2019 TugtetguT

@LongiThanks :-) I haven't really thought of anything as of yet. I'd exchange the Peregrine for pretty much any other decoder. Probably add in 2 Muertos Gang Members. @Pinsel had the Idea to try the deck with a couple of Emergent Creativity.

@Noroo :DSwordsman isn't very common, so seeing one isn't so bad since you have triple Aumakua and can usually play around it by running other servers. Its very common to go tag me against IP Block out of HB or Jinteki as @Saan correctly points out. Against Weyland and NBN i'd clear the tag manually, and use Xanadu to make rezzing even the IP Block an relatively big investment.

12 Feb 2019 Jakuza

Love this. Was great meeting up again Asger. :)

Regarding any decoder; such a shame Leviathan has rotated.

13 Feb 2019 TugtetguT

@Jakuza Haha yes Elwin! Leviathan is just what the deck needs :P

@Tolaasin``@Longi Having thought about it, I think -2x Modded, -1x Build Script and -1x No One Home. Add in 1x Emergent Creativity and 2x Muertos Gang Members and the 6th copy of Exclusive Party is worth a try.

The deck still needs draw/econ and you're somewhat low on it. Earthrise would be a good card for us but the amount of resources just don't justify Career Fair and then i think Earthrise isn't better than Party.

13 Feb 2019 Saan

I gotta ask: why Labor Rights? I've been playing this thing since you posted it, and I never end up using it. I ended up cutting it and Critic (since CF is going on the MWL and can't be in the same deck as Critic) and adding in a Gordian Blade in place of the Peregrine along with the 2 Muertos.

In an incredibly experimental build, I took out 3x Modded, Build Script, Xanadu, and No One Home to add in 3x Cyberfeeder and 3x Trade-In. Trade-In is a strait up terrible card, but I thought if it helped get the deck online faster, it doesn't matter how bad the card is, since the deck prints its own money once rolling. Cyberfeeder feeds it to help you find the GPIs and Zamba. I chose Cyberfeeder because it's only 1 inf and has some possible value to be gained by paying for Aumakua installation and using it to fund breaking.

What I found is that (not super surprisingly) it didn't really end up helping setup time enough over the default build to be worth it in the end, and Trade-In is really just not a great card. Cyberfeeder was actually not bad, since it just becomes more free money once you're going, but by that point you're already going, and that's not really where the deck needs help.

In the end, I added Modded back in and am using 3x Build Script to help setup, which feels great. I do miss Xanadu, though, and might just make Gordian Blade into an Abagnale. I'll have to try out the Emergent though, that sounds kinda cool.

14 Feb 2019 TugtetguT

@Saan It's honestly just for the recursion. The deck doesn't strictly need it, but I've found that in decks that plays particularly powerful cards i really like the option to just get them back into my deck. My targets are always Leave No Trace and Diversion of Funds. In rare cases where set-up is rough the liberty to discard the decoder or other tech that might prove necessary later is also nice. If the meta is at some point faster and you need the slot/influence for set-up you can easily swap it for Build Script/Modded or whatever is to your liking. I'd never cut Xanadu its great vs cheap ICE.

20 Feb 2019 zmb

@TugtetguTwhy not Amina as breaker? In faction and goes with the money denial plan... Congrats on the victory :-)

20 Feb 2019 Kikai

Please do not replace Peregrine with Engolo, that might result in a negative play experience

22 Feb 2019 Breaker

DJ Fenris can get Reina. This seems promising.

27 Mar 2019 x3r0h0ur

Alright I'm dumb, whats the interaction with muertos gang member?

2 Mar 2022 zmb

@x3r0h0ur a bit late, but the interaction with Muertos Gang Member is to trash them during a Leave No Trace run so if the corp choose to rez ice they are derezzed when run ends