Brighter than the sun (1st place/undefeated Den Hague SC)

Cpt_nice 1893

"I was playing Azmari before it was cool..."

By now a lot of you are probably on to it, Azmari is really good. As I mentioned in my review of the ID, I underestimated its ability when it was first revealed. Getting two credits on a semi consistent basis is amazing, giving this NBN ID the true ability to go full on glacier. As New Angeles Sol (Praise The Sun!) has always been my favorite ID, I wanted to do something similar except able to win in this day and age. After testing for several weeks, this is the list I ended up going to SC in Den Hague with, which 15 people attended today.

This deck combines elements of several lists floating around, including the Masenqo list and Wishbone, which won Canadian Nationals. My game plan was very simple. Mulligan for Scarcity, play it first turn, ice centrals, call 'event' every turn, and sit back. The runner gets railroaded into two options:

  • Pay up a ton to install resources and/or give you free credits for playing their events

  • Give up a ton of tempo by drawing cards and clicking for credits like a peasant.

Because you run only 6 agendas it gets incredibly hard for the runner to steal an agenda and get rid of your current. Employee Strike is annoying but you run 4 currents and a back up Archived Memories. If they sacrifice tempo, draw aggressively and jam an agenda with an Ash in your remote. Let them have an early SSL so you get more tempo. Do they steal an agenda at the wrong time? Punitive them sky high.

Echo Chamber is for getting an easy 7th point, Cyberdex is extra turtle hate, News Hound was mvp all day, Miraju saved my bacon against a "Mad Dash for the win" play and by calling Emergent Creativity turn 1 with Targeted Marketing it took my opponent in the top cut almost 10 turns before he played it.

This deck faced Gabe, Maxx, Kabonesa and Leela in swiss and beat all of them, half via kill and half by scoring out. In the top cut I faced Adam (which was great, as my runner deck was Sunny, so the mini factions did great at this tournament) and managed to beat him via score. Including my undefeated Sunny deck, I ended up going 9 - 0 during the event.

Super happy with my win and I want to thank everyone I played, as some of the best and closest games I ever had were this tournament! And thanks to Kelfecil for practicing with me.

26 Mar 2018 Peculot

Gratz on the win, the deck was incredibly taxing. Thanks for crushing my hope on the mad dash for the win. - Adam player

27 Mar 2018 Algebraic

Well done on your victory! I've been tinkering with the ice in Masenqo and I think Scarcity of Resources and News Hound is a very nice include. I'll definitely be trying to add that to my list.

27 Mar 2018 Cpt_nice

@Peculot That was definitely somewhat lucky on my part. But yeah, In a 3-pointer only deck you need to really tech for Mad Dash.

@Algebraic Thank you for the inspiration. News Hound is my favorite ice in the game and an absolute pain to break for most runners. Def worth it.

27 Mar 2018 Kelfecil

Well deserved brosephski and well played! :D

27 Mar 2018 Cpt_nice

@Kelfecil Thanks dude ^^