ClapstockaxX (9-1-1 in 2 Regionals)

Klopstock 640

This is the deck that I piloted to second place in Swiss and Cut at the Regional Bochum and to eleventh place in Kassel. Over the two days it dropped one game, went to a timed draw once and won nine games. It is basically a copy of TugtetguT's Clanaxx list, with a DDoS taken out and 2 District 99 added. The Districts are definitely good, but could maybe go down to one. I am also unsure whether you really need two Levys. In all 11 games on both days (and in the 5 or so testing games) I never played more than one. Most games end between five turns before the first Levy and five turns after the first Levy. A second Titanium Ribs would be a nice addition.

Below you'll find the reports from the two tournaments, first Bochum, then Kassel.

Round 1 - Ramy - Mushin Personal Evolution - Win: I personally dislike Mushin decks, because I think there is too little control for such high variance, but playing against them from time to time is fine. In this game, I guessed wrong two times (let an Obokata go and ran a Junebug), but fortunately, these decks have central servers, so I focused on those, stole a Bacterial Reprogramming from HQ and got the win in Archives after firing two Clan Vengeances for full HQs. There was actually one critical moment. Ramy had a triple-advanced card lying on the board the whole game (the one Mushin where I guessed correctly and didn't run) and after running the Junebug, I could only draw up to one card at the end of my turn. Since I Clan Vengeanced away his HQ, I was reasonably safe from Neural EMP, but if that advanced card had been a Ronin, I would have been dead on the spot. Still, that seemed less likely to me than the possibility of the Junebug being an Agenda and him having Clowns are not People in hand, so I ran it. Luckily, the gamble didn't bite me.

Round 2 - Alex (Anthistenes) - Skorpios Rush - Win: This game was really sad for Alex. He took a mulligan and his mandatory draw, drew two more cards and Iced HQ. I ran HQ and stole an Oaktown, another Oaktown, a Hostile Takeover and trashed a Batty. On his next turn, he installed a second Ice on HQ and took some money. I played DDoS, ran HQ again and stole an Atlas for the win with Click 6 of the game. I still feel sorry for him, luckily we later got a real game.

Round 3 - Philipp (Putzlappen) - Outfit Rush - Win: Philipp had a pretty rough start. He scored a Hostile Takeover on turn two, but couldn't find Agendas until turn four, when he Install-Advance-Advanced an Agenda behind a piece of Ice. I was hoping for Global Food Initiative instead of Atlas, and it turned out it was indeed a GFI. The next turn, he IAA'd the next Agenda behind the Ice. I used DDoS to snag the Food, while maintaining a money lead and already having the first Clan Vengeance ticking up to dangerous numbers. On his next turn, he installed another Ice in front of the server and Install-Advanced an Oaktown Renovation. I Stimhacked the server, got in and wiped his hand with Clan Vengeance, which was basically the game. It took me a couple of turns to collect the last points, but with his kill threat gone, me having breakers and enough money and the next Clan Vengeance already growing, there was nothing he could do.

Round 4 - Felix (JackMade) - Mti Mwekundu Rush - Timed Draw: Felix and I played a very long and exciting game of Azmari versus Val, so we didn't have much time for this match. We rushed through the game, he scored two early Agendas, I also scored two Agendas off a Clan Vengeance, then time was called and we ended the game in a pretty open state that could have ended either way.

Round 5 - Brian (ryanbantwins) - Gagarin Kill - ID: Before the last round I was leading the standings with 19 points. Brian offered me an ID, which I accepted after some consideration. I definitely wanted to make the top half of the Cut, which was pretty much secure if we ID'd. Also, my main (ethical) criticism of IDs, that they take spots away from players that may have made it if someone gets swept, was also moot, since I was 100% in the Cut and Brian also 98%, even if he got swept. I also thought about the monstrous Corp decks he plays and decided, that I'd rather have the break.

Cut Game 3 - Felix (JackMade) - Mti Mwekundu Rush - Win: Another game against Felix. This time I was pretty lucky that he didn't find an early Nisei, instead scoring the Philotic Entanglement and a Medical Breakthrough. I managed to clear out a Bio Vault and without Nisei tokens, he couldn't really keep me out of his servers. I got lucky on a Clan Vengeance and Mad Dashed for the win, but I think the game went on for too long for his deck to have good chances.

Cut Game 5 - Alex (Anthistenes) - Skorpios Rush - Win: The game started really good for me, stealing an Atlas and a Hostile Takeover from R&D. He quickly installed an Ice Wall in front of R&D, HQ and his Remote and I didn't want to install my Paperclip yet, because he had already removed the other one after I milled it with Maxx. I also milled both Black Orchestras, so I knew time was running out and started running. I played Fisk, ran R&D and stole a Standoff, so I Mad Dashed Archives and Clan Vengeanced his HQ. Luckily, he had his SSL Endorsement in hand which brought me the win.

Cut Game 6 - Brian (ryanbantwins) - Gagarin Kill - Loss: This game was really long and I didn't play it well, because I totally lacked experience in the matchup. There was series of brutal turns, where Brian rezzed SIU and Judge to tag me, I trashed his HQ and the Judge and removed some tags. Next turn, he topdecked the next Judge, tagged me again. After trashing that Judge, he topdecked Consulting Visit for Hard-Hitting News, draining me of my last Credits. This threw me back so far that I couldn't really stabilise and I finally died to a SIU-Zealous Judge-Malia Z0l0k4-High Profile Target-Combo.

Round 1 - Falk (HorstGrobian) - Mti Mwekundu Moons - Win: Falk had a pretty good start, made some money and scored two Agendas with the help of Jeeves. The turning point was, when I stole a naked Viral Weaponisation. From that point on, I tried to control his board while building up a Clan Vengeance. When it was big enough, I used Fisk Investment Seminar, wiped his HQ and Mad Dashed Archives to find two Medical Breakthroughs to win the game. It certainly helped that he didn't find a Political Dealings until it was too late.

Round 2 - René (Dalhill) - Mti Mwekundu Moons - Win: René was off to a rather bad start in this game, because he had to pop a Moon at only one counter and rezzed some Ice while I trashed his economy. That gave me plenty of time to set up. He got to four points with Political Dealings, but I got to four too and, like in the last game, I trashed a big Fisked HQ, Mad Dashed Archives and won.

Round 3 - Alex (ff0x) - Gagarin Kill - Win: Another game against the gruesome Gagarin deck. This time around, I tried to keep the Assets under control for a good portion of the game. It was long and drawn out, but at some point I managed to steal a Vanity Project. Then Alex used SIU and Judge to tag me and I was faced with the decision of either Rebirthing into Omar and checking both HQ (with a single card in it) and R&D, or trying to fight the Tags. After my experiences from the day before, I went for the accesses and found the Government Takeover on top of his deck. Turns out the card in HQ was Vanity Project to boot.

Round 4 - Jens - Titan Fast Advance - Win: I had the perfect opening of Zer0 and Clan Vengeance. Jens scored an early Hostile Takeover. Then he tried to score an Atlas with a Reconstruction Contract, but a Clan Vengeance ruined that plan and allowed me to steal the Atlas. He Audacity'd two Project Atlases, but after seeing all three Dedication Ceremonies in Archives, I was sure he couldn't Fast Advance anything but the two remaining Hostile Takeovers, so I had all the time in the world to stack up all three Clan Vengeances at the same time, Fisk him and trash even more cards. When his R&D was running low, I ran Archives and finished the game.