I am back ya all! (4-1 at Nordics 2018, MWL 2.2)

Greek Geek 461

This is the latest iteration f my favorite runner and playstyle. I took it with me at Regionals and it dropped a single game by whiffing repeatedly on multiaccessess although I was on 6 points from turn 4. I didn’t do well but I blame that on choosing to play The Outfit instead of Sportmetal which was the more familiar deck for me. I only won a single game with the outfit the whole day. Anyway on to the deck.

The deck (card choices) and the plays (strategy):

It is an oldschool run based deck with high impact events and run based economy. The main machine is Bankrolls-Paragon-Security Testing- Dirty Laundry. Familiar old school criminal economy. But it’s not only that. On top of it you have the turning wheel and high impact events.

Bankroll is an awesome card. It is one of the safest places to store credits on and credits accumulate very quickly. The main thing is to not be afraid to trash it to get the credits for powerful plays. If it nets you a 4 credit gain it’s an extra Sure Gamble. Everything on top is pure gain. That said I would preferably use it if I had a second online or in the grip. It can also save you from a well timed HHN so remember to say wait between clicks against these decks.

Paragon. There are not a lot of better choices for consoles in criminal and none better for run based economy. Make no mistake the 1 credit per turn is powerful enough. Look at Vals bad pub. I chose it over Logos because of the synergy with the rest of the run economy and the fact that it gives you a more constant card filtering compared to logos. In this deck you are not looking for a specific tool, yo are looking for the next topmost powerful tool in the deck so it fits perfectly.

The rest of the economy is Sure Gambles and Daily Casts which are obligatory includes to avoid getting locked out.

The high impact cards and the plays. Once I got my breakers and turning wheel online I almost always chose HQ or R&D for the sec test. It forces rezzes and you get extra Turning wheel counters. If you have 2 bankrolls down it is a total of 5$ gain even without Dirty Laundry. I would often choose to break even just for the extra turning wheel counter and card filtering. Combine it with Maxwell James and Emergency shutdown and you are on value town.

Diversion of Funds is no Siphon but it still is a very good tempo card. 9$ swing is still a big thing and it really helped the deck to stand on its feet.

Embezzle is probably the MVP of the tournament. It almost always gave me the full credits and trashed key cards for the opponent’s scheme. Mti and HB mu you chose ICE if they have money or economy cards if they don’t. Weyland and NBN you almost always choose events except for the Azmari match up when you want to trash the ICE.

Employee Strike is the obvious choice for a restricted card because you don’t want Mti/AgInfusion/Asmari/CtM online.

The breaker package and the odd choices.

A lot of people don’t like Amina. She is awesome. It breaks enigma for 2 ( and Thimblerig too so not all is perfect) and all the high impact Code Gates for 4 minus 1$ for the opponent. Put it down and see the opponent think again before rezzing DNA tracker for 8 + 1 $. That’s a 5$ swing just there. Abagnale is the second best choice in faction and has the cool bypass effect (compared favorably to Amina only against Tollbooth and if you don’t want to spend the 4$ right now).

Saker for when you can’t get Paperclip and you really want to derez that Kakugo.

Na’Not’K is very good against everything except single Architect /News Hound (hint: pay the trace) and Surveyor/ Archer. Thus the odd inclusion of Dean Lister. I thought quite a lot between Dean Lister and Faerie and finally chose him because I found him more versatile. I was probably wrong. Didn’t face a single Weyland the whole day and Faerie with the 0 install cost would probably have been more useful but I can’t really say.

The 46th card. The Legwork. With so many Turning wheel counters and Embezzle I didn’t really need it

The future: Crowdfundling. The perfect run support economy card without actually needing you to run. Perfect design. It has to fit somewhere together with Daily casts and Sure Gamble to give ven more punch to the game. I am not sure what I would remove though.

If you managed to read all that thanks for your patience. I think it is probably one of the best run based decks at the moment. I hope you’ll have fun with it. As always comments are welcome.

2 Sep 2018 Brighteyes

I'd go with -2 Dean Lister, -1 Maxwell James, -1 Legwork, +2 Career Fair, +1 Earthrise Hotel. This should give you extra speed I think.

2 Sep 2018 Greek Geek

@BrighteyesI can agree that Legwork is not needed. I do not think that Career Fair is a good include though especially with only 5 cost 3+ resources in the deck. Crowdfunding is probably the correct answer here. It gives you 3$ as Career Fair and with the amount of runs in the deck 6 most likely.

The problem with facing Surveyor and Archer remains and is not solved by Career fair. Dean Lister or Faeries are my thoughts for now.

About Maxwell James. It is still a very good card even after the new FAQ. It gives +1 link so helps with traces (especially those pesky News Hounds) and being able to pre-emtively install it on set up / lul turns helps a lot. It is a kind of click compression.

2 Sep 2018 Greek Geek

I would also like to comment on the power of Amina if I didn't make it clear enough before. It TEARS through high strength Code Gates. 4$ for DNA tracker, Fairchild 3.0, Mausolus is on par with Gordian plus -1$ for the opponent. It really solves your hands were the alternative choices in the other factions are just not good enough. With the exception of Refractor (specific build) and Inversificator (which is restricted) it is just better breaking stuff plain and simple. Dropping a whopping 7$ to install it is more than enough. ICE that are over Str 6 are rarelly played ( Wormhole, Little Engine, *Fairchild ) and 6$ to break them is still pretty good value.

I cannot emphasise that enough. Try it for yourselfs. See the amount of tempo loss it is on installing, the amount of $ saved sompared to alternatives and the ammount of $ lossed by the corp. Do the math and I am sure you will come to love Amina.

4 Sep 2018 Radiant

No Aumakua in a run-based Crim deck? Just curious to hear your reasoning for excluding it, seems like it'd be a great fit.

4 Sep 2018 Greek Geek

@Radiant very good question. 2 objective and 1 subjective reason. 1st I had trouble getting locked out by Azmari decks after purging. They are a big part of the meta. 2nd I had trouble keeping up with outfit and Argus decks that are running IP blocks Data Ravens and Prisec because of the pile of tags I would get.

At some point I tried 1 of each breaker and 3 Aumakua but then playing both just looked as a waste of space and influence.

In the end I felt (subjectively) that a traditional suite gave me a more stable performance I over the field so I went with it.

5 Sep 2018 Radiant

@Greek Geek Thanks for the reply! Good points all around. After thinking about it more, I also realized the nonbo with Security Testing and that, if accompanied by a full breaker suite, you'd be limited to a single Bankroll due to memory constraints.

Can't wait to play this at my local meetup!

5 Sep 2018 Radiant

@Greek Geek What would you cut for Crowdfunding?

5 Sep 2018 Greek Geek

@Radiant Right now the Dean Lister and Legwork. Because they are the cards that you can do without. The ignoring all costs clause on installing crowdfunding from the heap goes around scarcity too.

Depending on how robust rconomy is Crowdfunding might cut the third Daily Casts for a third sec test too.

14 Oct 2018 Zero Netrunner

I play a variation on this deck all the time with Crowdfunding. A third special-order was very helpful. I second how good Amina is, especially to drain corp credits. I pulled the femme as I can never afford it. Na-no-tek does alright against Surveyor but more often with the jinja server gets deep I just shift to central pressure. Sometimes I have bankrolls to get through in key situations.

It still struggles against Tier-1 decks, especially Azmardi, as Leela is always sort of destined to.