TMJT: PDX Edition. 1st @ Rainy Day Games

Benjen 719

This is card for card from Daine's deck with 2 changes:

CFC Excavation Contract for Corporate Sales Team and Hellion Beta Test in place of a 3rd Sandburg.

Deck went 5-1 on the day, losing by a mulligan into 3 agendas and no ice.

It's strong. Really strong. I felt completely in control almost the entire day with a Jinja City Grid on the scoring remote and R&D.

The beta test was just for fun but ended up pretty useful. I saw it twice on the day and used it to trash an Aesop's Pawnshop and Heartbeat from Apex and 2 Data Foldings early in the final game against Kabonesa. Is it better than 3rd Sandburg? I don't know. But it made an impact.

Thanks to Daine for publishing the original. This thing is great.

6 Mar 2018 Emparawr

Nice to see another person who had such similar ideas when it comes to the AoT/Jinja synergy. Mine is only slightly different. I wonder though, how have the Brian Stinsons been working out for you? Do you feel like they come up often enough and that this deck keeps the runner broke often enough for him to be useful? What bout in a deck that was running 3 IPO and UVC instead of 2?

12 Mar 2018 Benjen

@EmparawrI thought the stinsons were great. There was only one game where it didn't fire and that was because I failed to draw ANY transactions until like turn 10 or so. I'll chalk that up to randomness. Also, Stinson fuels Sandburg. This deck is SUPER taxing. If you Jinja R&D and the remote, they are going to lose a lot of cash.