You're On CI Combo Right? 3-1 Proud Lion Store Championships

Phoenix 244

Yes, yes I most definitely am.

This is the deck I took to the Cheltenham and Gloucester Proud Lion Store Championship. I already had a bye, a mat and I was co-running the event so I wanted to take something fun and this was it.

Round 1: vs Smoke - a couple of HQ agenda snipes (the only two agendas in a hand of fifteen urgh) and a well timed Indexing made a sad start to the day. My opponent played really well though!

Round 2: vs Kate (Congress Kate) - urgh this is going to be a bad match up. Vamp is a problem. The first Vamp I block with a paperwall. The Same Old Vamp for ~80 credits was less pleasant. Luckily I had an Eff Com scored so I could get up to 9 credits with a Blue Level and Hedge Fund. Unluckily for my opponent he didn't clear his Vamp tag (why would you vs CI right?).

Round 3: vs Valencia - Sherlock 2.0 tag, Big Brother, Boom. If you wonder why Sherlock 2.0 is in the deck, this is why.

Round 4: ID. I needed a break.

Round 5: vs Whizzard (Aaron/Temujin/Sifr) - ID. I was still tired. We played the game anyways for funzies. Opponent steals Profiteering which was installed to make him run and looks very confused. Biotic - Sea Source - Big Brother - BOOM! finished the game.

This deck is not Tier 1 and is just for a bit of fun really but is pretty terrifying in the swiss rounds when nobody knows what to expect.

21 Feb 2017 Mechanoise

Lot of respect for this deck. As someone who put all Red cards in NEH to last year's Store Champs I love seeing meta decks butchered into something the Runner cannot expect. I was the one who didn't clear the Vamp tag because I forgot about giving myself the tag, (too busy focusing on credit counting.) but I absolutely love the deck and I fully respect how well you recovered from the Vamp to nail the kill - very well deserved.

21 Feb 2017 DoccSampson

This is great. Maybe I should have read the front page today before posting my store champ CI deck, Kansas City Shuffle. I do love that the current meta is forcing people in weird directions. People predicting what their opponents are going to predict, and then coming way out of left field. Nicely done. Please check out mine if you get a sec.