[Startup] Liberated Modernism

Baxder 52

Modified version of @amavric's Startup Modernism deck, as provided by @cannister

Turns out quite a few AI cards slot very nicely into the archetype.

Slash and Burn Agriculture in place of an Offworld Office for FA of anything. Just make sure you have a Spin Doctor down before using it! Great for getting recurring Atlas or Oaktown bonus counters, Clearinghouse counters, or a game-winning agenda late. In short, useful whenever you draw it.

Traded two Public Trails for an Oppo and a Behold! for the cheaper and more diverse tag options.

Ditched Regolith entirely in favor of Cybersand Harvester for tempo. Have to see how that goes, though. It makes your econ dependent on the ID and getting Hedges and Oaktowns off until it's charged enough to be worth popping.

Lost a Mestnichestvo, a Hortum and both Maskirovka for a VSA and three Tree Lines. Hopefully, you can rigshoot Decoders and force tags with VSA, and Tree Line instantly amps whatever advanceable Ice you need to with a click and a credit, giving you their bonuses at tempo.

Also swapped 1 EotL for another Retribution, as Andrej hinted at in the deck's stream.

25 Aug 2023 LoganMoore1

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