Pots 'n Pans (1st Place BC Regionals)

hams 349

"i am a heron. i haev a long neck and i pick fish out of the water w/ my beak. if you dont repost this comment on 10 other pages i will fly into your kitchen tonight and make a mess of your pots and pans"

Because it has a heron in it.

This is the list that I took to first place in the Victoria B.C., Canada regionals.

I wanted to take a deck that could bust Surveyor remotes and play Shaper nonsense, and Clone Chip is a fun card, and so this is the deck that combines all of that.

The basic idea is to use Lady to break as much ICE as possible, using Egret and Clone Chip, with D4 backup, and with other breakers for fringe scenarios; Cy-Cy for if they try to overtax Lady, Femme for Miraju (also great against a Surveyor), Ika for non-Surveyor sentries (but can also do Surveyor in a pinch), and Lady + herons for everything else.

I liked a console that could draw me cards, and I was finding Astrolabe wasn't drawing me enough, but I was wary of Ubax's install cost - but, with Modded and Ayla's consistency I found that I usually installed Ubax for 2, and I've been happy with that.

Indexing is good, Mad Dash is good with it, and Femme can get you past a Miraju. Escher was tech against Surveyor (you might notice I was worried about Surveyor, which on the day, was valid - every deck I ran against save one was on triple Surveyor). Scavenge is nice for Lady and D4. Stimhack breaks remotes. Misdirection sheds the fear of Hard-Hitting News - it was added the night before after I had gotten blasted a couple of times and felt it was necessary.

I really struggle with Shaper money these days, and when Clone Chip is my restricted card, I'm pretty limited. I felt okay about money, but not great - having kinda few targets for Career Fair didn't feel great, but I didn't like any other low influence options for the spot, save for Peace in our Time; PIOT was originally in that spot, and I feel like was a decent choice, but I felt like I was losing games by about 5 credits, and I was the one giving those credits to the corp. However, the deck kinda wants to set up a few key pieces and then start running, so the early burst is nice. Could probably go either way.

In swiss, I played against 3 Mti glacier decks, and one trap-based PE. In the cut, I played against 2 Mti glacier decks (one that I already played against in swiss, the eventual person in second place). In all of the games, the remote threat seemed large, but I had enough Shaper nonsense to bust the remote when I needed, and Indexed when the corp really didn't want to commit to stopping me. (I did, however, ID in the last round of swiss, and played the games just for fun - I played against CtM, and lost against it, in a close game - the deck isn't really suited to dealing with assets, so it while it was a close game in the end, I couldn't close it - my only runner loss of the day.)

I find the Clone Chip kind of Shaper to be a blast to play, so I'm happy that I got to play it in the last big tournament around these parts, and doubly happy that the meta was suited to my taste in nonsense.

So, cheers to everyone that played, made it happen, and even got me a ride out to the event! I had a blast.