Wishida (3-2, Cleveland Regionals 2018)

NoahTheDuke 29

The thought was, "I like Wishbone, but I really like Rashida Jaheem too. How can I tweak Wishbone to do well with Rashida?" Turns out, with a sneaky High-Profile Target, you can get a lot done.

Went 3-2, winning against Freedom Khumalo, Valencia into Kim, and Alice, losing against Geist, and MaxX.

Overall, I like the list a lot. Slightly too many one-offs, which made it feel swingy, and some poor choices on "clever" card-type picks hurt me (if you have to think, "What should I call?" pick Event), but it felt solid.

24 Jun 2018 dawspawn

That HPT, man...

24 Jun 2018 NoahTheDuke

The spicy one-off got you and someone else too! All praise @stoppableforce’s secret tech.