Sciabattatrice (1st and undefeated @ Padua CO)

jan tuno 1205

This went undefeated at our 17 players CO in Padova, on May 13th. Games were against Outfit, Eavesdrop GameNet, Sol Azmari, and Outfit.

This is mostly your run-of-the-mill regular Hoshiko deck, but with a couple peculiarities, most of them to adapt to a meta full of Outfit:

  • There is a bit more draw than I would usually play, because it's just that crucial to draw your breakers early. You lose with no Clippy.
  • WAKE Implant v2A-JRJ is yet another blue card that is better in Anarch. The cost of HQ accesses gets so low so easily that you can just keep running and then digging deep, which is very important against FA decks where you must establish a good lock rather quickly.
  • Unity is just gravy, Anarch has some influence to spare so I guess I'll play something that can break Mausolus or DNA Tracker a little bit more comfortably.

I really like this deck and I think it has only a couple flex slots (most importantly the third Gachapon, the third Maw and the third Hippo. There are yet more directions you can go towards with Hoshiko, and maybe there is so much draw that you can go over 45 cards, and I think I'll take some time to explore some of these until bin breakers rotate.

Thanks to Ar0 for organizing the tournament and to everyone who played against me, I had a blast <3 see you in July!