Espatier 55

Geist with Corporate "Grant", the cryptids and Grappling Hook isn't the most jaw-dropping piece of synergy insight ever, but it does make for a fun deck!

This deck completely folds to opponents who either rez an absolute tonne of ice, or those who rez no ice at all. Turns out all those bins are only helpful if there are subs to break.

Find the Truth makes for some reasonable R&D pressure, and once the Geist engine is set up your runs become extremely rewarding.

FUN STORY I got two full Street Peddler wiffs (three events) in a single game. My tactical advice to you is to not do that.

16 Mar 2018 analyzechris

If you have Find the Truth, you've got to grab RNG Key!

17 Mar 2018

RNG key makes you run R&D which you actually can avoid if you have FTT (unless there's an agenda).

17 Mar 2018 Saan

It doesn't seem like Forger does much here. Is it just for the cycle and card draw?

20 Mar 2018 Espatier

@analyzechris It's worth checking out! But as @k.artsays, knowing when to run and when to not is, to me, the more valuable bit of FtT on the first pass through the deck. There's also no extra MU in the deck, which makes me hesitant to add more programmes.

@Saan Yeah, pretty much. It's also an extra cryptid for any ice which has a tagging subroutine (Mausolus becomes incredibly profitable if it's unadvanced!), and it interferes with SEA Source into Closed Accounts/Exchange of Information - there are often better targets for On the Lam. It's one of the first slots I'd rethink if brushing up the deck for a competitive event.