Moar Meat Damage! v1 (with write-up)

Oisin 222

I've been testing this deck and am surprised how well it has been working. It is still a work in progress, but so far I think this has potential to play a lateral NEARPAD style game with the added pressure of scorched and punitive. This is not a deck for a conservative player or the weak of heart. But with only 7 agendas (potentially only 6), dangerous and taxing ice and upgrades, and a number of different ways of flatlining the runner, it is fun to play.


Of course, Government Takeover is a massive risk. It can, however, produce an early game kill off of Punitive Counterstrike. Live by the 6 point agenda, die by the 6 point agenda.

I have toyed with whether the two Posted Bounty should be a single Project Atlas. The Atlas would provide a tutor, which can be really valuable in this deck. And it would open a deck slot for another piece of ice. One other thing in favor of the switch--it would bring the deck down to only 6 agendas, keeping Punitive Counterstrike online a bit longer; as it stands, if the runner steals a Bounty and any other agenda, Punitive Counterstrike becomes a useless card.

As great as these would be, installing and double advancing a Bounty behind a Data Raven or Checkpoint sets up a number of kill conditions--especially if you have a Dedicated Response Team on the board.

It is possible to score a single 5/3 early in the game, and The Cleaners makes this deck almost unbeatable.


Melange Mining Corp. has been a hero in this deck. As a long time HB player, I have been skeptical of this card. But installing one second turn behind a Data Raven or a Checkpoint is one of my favorite plays. Produce 6-13 credits over a couple of turns and force the runner into making a run they don't want to make.

I love using Executive Boot Camp to grab the Snare!. This works especially well if you also have the Shell Corporation-install the Snare and the Shell Corp in a server to make a tempting target.

Dedicated Response Team is what makes this deck work. Period. If a runner isn't facechecking every install, they you can simply wait to get two of them in play and rez them on a single run. DRT and Checkpoint is a taxing combination. Like a NEARPAD, the runner will have to spend a lot of clicks/credits destroying your assets. That gives you time to assemble the combo and earn a credit advantage.

At this point, Crisium Grid is an auto-include. But it works especially well in this deck to protect HQ against Wanton Destruction, or R&D against #Medium runs. This deck doesn't have the ice to keep people out.


There's nothing exciting here. Were I to make a change to this deck, I would cut the Snare! for a single Archived Memories. That would allow for a few more Punitive Counterstrike kills (since, assuming you had a credit advantage, you could Punitive, Archive, Punitive). For now, I would prefer the single copy of Snare! .

If the runner sets up a Plascrete early game, then I would recommend firing off any Punitives you have whenever you can, even if it isn't a kill shot. At worst, they have to discard 3 cards.


Hive is amazing in this deck, because there's many games when you won't even try to score an agenda. So that means, against a Corroder or an Eater, you are taxing 6 credits per break. Ice Wall is cheap to rez, though I don't think I would ever advance one.

Checkpoint is unbelievable in this deck. Grade A.

I went with Caduceus over Shadow. Caduceus has a bit more resilience against Parasite, and I wanted more ice that ended the run. I can't remember the last time my old Blue Sun deck actually tagged someone off a Shadow. One of these could be a Wormhole--but I don't want to be spending too many clicks advancing ice. Generally, I want to earn credits and/or draw off of a Jackson to grab combo pieces.

Data Raven is absolutely amazing. Full stop. I am torn as to whether I should play 3 Data Ravens and one Snare!, or two of each.

The single Taurus was a better fit here when I had a single Wormhole. Especially because you could rez the Taurus off Executive Boot Camp if you needed to. Still, in cases of emergency, one can install, advance, advance a Posted Bounty with a Taurus in front of it to try and set up a kill.

8 Feb 2015 sruman

I was thinking of a similar deck when I saw Government Takeover but not nearly as gutsy (or blood thirsty) as you to play it :) Archived memories was my first thought at inclusion when I saw the list, but your point in the write up is a good one, what to cut for the influence? Data Raven and snare both pretty important (if only psychologically to make runner think you have traps). Archived memories can enable kills off 1 of snare/punitive but situational and 2 inf. Toss-up really.

8 Feb 2015 Oisin

Yeah, given how blood thirsty I am playing this deck, I should probably try one Archived Memories, but, man, 3 Data Ravens are great.

22 Feb 2015 Myriad

Great deck. I like the NEARPAD style out of Argus and I like that you embraced Data Ravens, I never really tried to fully embrace them (I had 1 ofs in my deck).

The x1 of Snare has not been a big detriment to your game huh? That makes sense. All of the games I had snare, I struggle to get the economy to really leverage it. I had to go full Cambridge PE and rely on a scored gila hands to get me through to the late game.

I also love the double down on your flatline win condition. It solves a lot of the problems that I was having, going for 12 smaller agendas (mainly deck space!), while also enabling another kill shot.

Honestly, my favorite part about government takeover is that it makes every runner question traps that you continue to advance. I have had more 6/7 charge advancement traps fire off in my games lately than ever before.

Great deck. Looking forward to trying it.

7 Mar 2015 Agnate

I've found in my Argus deck that 2x SEA Source is often a wasted draw. You could probably drop to 1x and take Archived or 2x Snare.

14 Mar 2015 Oisin

Thanks for the comments. @Myriad--it is always a tough call between Snare! and Data Raven in this deck. They both synergize with Dedicated Response Team, but in different ways. Data Raven scares the bejeezus out of many runners. They will stop running that server until they deal with it. That buys me time. Snare! kills the runner when they (usually) don't expect it. I definitely want one in this deck because often grabbing a Snare! with Executive Boot Camp interrupts a Legwork run.

@Agnate--yeah, the second SEA Source is a problem. As is hand size. In fact, I actually cut the Shell Corporation for a Research Station to help with that. I like the bigger threat of the Sea/Scorch. But that could definitely be an Archived or a Snare. Something to think about.