Virtual Insanity (32nd Worlds)

el-zilcho 161


This is the corp deck I piloted to 32nd place at Worlds. Hayley actually carried me there, but that deck is just really similar to every other good Hayley out there, and this one is way more fun, and more my own creation.

It, like most CTM decks, pushes a game of tempo that the runner has to struggle to keep up with. In testing, it was winning 90% of its games, but it turns out Worlds opponents and Worlds stress bring that down a notch.

Like a good Shaper deck, it's full of tech cards that help you in certain matchups. And these tech cards are mostly tutorable by the wonderful Consulting Visit. To achieve the Alliance requirement we have:

The Liz Mills has been both Zealous Judge and K. P. Lynn, and both would have done great work in the tournament, no doubt.

Ideally, you assemble Exodia by scoring 2 or more AR-Enhanced Security, either naked in a sea of spam or in an early defended remote, then let Whampoa Reclamation and Shannon Claire (also good at stuffing Indexing) work in harmony to draw you your favourite card from Archives each turn.

MVP: Reversed Accounts. This card allows for so many busted 'damned if you do...' scenarios, resulting in truly punishing Hard-Hitting News plays.

Worst card in the deck: Biased Reporting. It didn't do work (for me) on the day, and I kept wishing it was another Best Defense. Biased is usually best against rig heavy Shapers, and they usually let me have my asset economy. I would have rather have more Best Defenses to kill Tapwrms and Misdirections.

Speaking of Shapers, SEA Source was huge in those matchups. SEA Source into EoI wins a lot of games, and SEA Source into 'trash 2 resources' (say, Beth and Mercur) can often do enough to cripple their game plan. There was even one SEA Source, trash Mercur, HHN play that ended up winning me the game.

Let me know if you have any questions. <3

7 Nov 2017 formerteen

have you considered playing a deck that is less mean :(

7 Nov 2017 Ajar

I'm guessing you were my final round opponent in Swiss -- this deck looks exactly like what I faced in that round with Valencia. I had a Reversed in my CtM for a while, but in that deck it never quite worked out. I think it has a much better home here.

Nice deck, and congrats on the finish!

7 Nov 2017 el-zilcho

@Ajar Yep, that's me. Congrats on your T16 finish! Was not expecting a lot of Val, which gives this deck a run for its money.

7 Nov 2017 efay

Grats again on your placement @el-zilcho! Was curious to see what you're ending list was after our prior discussions about the deck, was ecstatic to see how it ended up performing :D

Also, perfect gif + deckname :ok_hand:

8 Nov 2017 FreqKing

Nicely done! Great piloting and you made some great meta calls that I realized after I should have had.

8 Nov 2017 branimated

I built a singleton NEH deck for a league challenge at my local shop a few weeks ago, and crushed with it. This list has all of the hits, and I know from experience that it's great (although I would run Thoth over Tollbooth). Congrats on your Worlds finish, even though NBN is unplayable ;P