Noise Boys are Back (5th Dallas Regionals)

NetDad 528

Install viruses until there are no cards left in R&D. Don't run Archives. DO NOT RUN ARCHIVES. It's not worth it. If you trash 25 cards and your opponent uses just one Jackson Howard you get six points on average vs most modern decks. Those aren't really winning odds, so archive runs should be reserved for absolute last resorts. Also since you're not running archives, you don't really have to waste a click to trash Jackson, and any time the corp clicks to draw two you get that much closer to the bottom of R&D.

This deck is near impossible to defeat on points if your opponent chooses not to build a scoring remote, and I was tired of losing to decks that play that strategy with my Andysucker deck (Namely Tennin, Red Planet Couriers, & Sync, none of which I saw on the day).

No Levy, no Trope: I feel that 3x Pawnshop, 3x Wyldside, 3x Parasite 3x Cache is the bare minimum this deck can get by on with influence, and by the time this deck hits 0 cards in stack the corp should be on 0 cards in R&D.

No Medium: This deck is all in on Trash R&D. Medium is too expensive, Diwan is fine Pawnshop food that can sometimes get 1c of value from the corp, especially if you target an empty scoring remote or an unprotected central. Gravedigger is cheaper to install and triggers off of Parasite and corp self-trashes like Moon and Advanced Assembly Lines to give the deck a healthy R&D trash boost.

New CI Strategy: The only cards in this deck that matter in that matchup are Street Peddler & Clot. A good CI draw can easily out-economy a single Lamprey, and their ice requires a Parasite. A turn of "Lamprey, run HQ, Install Parasite to trash HQ Vanilla, Run HQ to sap one credit" is not effective. The corp is going to get to zero cards in R&D anyway, so installing random viruses doesn't help. If a peddler doesn't hit a Clot, use Deja Vu on it and try again. Also if they get too close to the bottom of R&D without comboing (4 + the number of installed street peddlers) you can take a power turn of "install 4 viruses" to win.

Round 1: Bye

Round 2: Loss vs Aginfusion, because I ran archives :( Lamprey locked him early, but eventually he stabilized with a turn of Celebrity Gift into IPO. He scored out behind Excaliburs and chained Nisei counters. I was short 3 creds from stealing the final agenda, and would have won had I not let him rez Crick on archives that taxed out my credits late game.

Round 3: Win vs Palana. Turn 1 Wyldside gave him all the money he needed, but I was able to keep his hand empty with Imp, then stole agendas from his Chiyashi-Adaptive Barrier remote with Hacktivist up so he couldn't rez Caprice/Batty. Had this game been played again I'm sure he wouldn't've made that mistake again and this would have been much rougher for me.

Round 4: ID (Loss) vs Door to Door Making News. He mulligans, so I figure I'm ok keeping a hand without Hacktivist, and have Peddler/Deja in my opener in case he does get his current. He starts with Sweeps, Ice HQ, Door to Door. I don't get Hacktivist on the peddler, so I install some viruses and pass, aiming to clear the current by stealing from archives. He plays Jackson and overdraws to ruin that plan, and it's downhill from there. Eventually he draws Boom.

Cut game 1: Win vs Colin on Turtlebacks Moons. I was ready to call it a loss after seeing the pairings, since Colin was playing Noise two years before I knew Netrunner existed. After the game I'm not sure if he's touched Noise or played against him since Faust and D4 went on the MWL, so maybe it was a more even match than I thought. This was a somewhat familiar matchup for me, and my deck is firing on all cylinders with a first click Scheherazade and early Wyldside. I contest rezzed assets as needed, and use Imps to trash Jeeves and Turtlebacks once I got up and running. I start checking facedowns & he biotics out a GFI on the table with Jeeves, but that and rezzing FC3 on HQ costs nearly all his money. He doesn't see another Moon, I trash his Turtlebacks, and we fight a current war in the midgame while I contest his new remotes. He hits me with a remote Architect protecting Jeeves, which I don't trash because I'd rather him get efficient purges and turns than force me through Architect every time he installs a new asset. With his deck getting low he tries to setup a scoring remote, but just can't find taxing ice. He forgets about my heap Paperclip when installing a Vitruvious behind Wraparound, then rezzes Lakshimis and tries to come up with a gameplan. I keep my econ running and prepare for a turn of : Run remote/get Lakshimi'd, :Install Imp :Run remote again, trash agenda with Imp. I kept a clot on a street peddler to discourage him from fast advancing, which he played around all game. With 5 cards left in R&D and no way to get 4 more points he grants me a sporting concession.

Cut Game 2: Loss vs Sol 24/7 Boom. I forgot MCA Informant was a card, so I discarded my 2nd and 3rd Pawnshops by mistake early, ended up having to deja for both of them from one MCA and one unadvanced Breaking News. I kept him on Lamprey lock in the midgame, but was scared off of it when he had 2 creds and an unrezzed ice on HQ. I feared News Hound and didn't want to end tagged, so I pawned the Lamprey. Ended up being a Data Raven, and eventually he got up to 4 credits for the combo.

Also here's a gif

Noise Boise

18 Jul 2017 BizTheDad

This deck is pretty strong. Thanks for sharing it.

20 Jul 2017 gandrasch

For some extra fun add Hemorage and Incubators instead of Lamprey and a Maw for that sweet HQ trashing nobody expects from Noise.