‘They Will Not Know What Hit Them’

Jai 367

pictured: What Hit Them

(Spoiler alert: they did know what hit them; after the first one of the day landed.)

Bog standard (panic) Apoc Hosh. Deuces Wild/No Free Lunch are a 2/1 split, post Drago ban I figured that you don't reaaally need reactive tag removal. If Funhouse on centrals is proving problematic you can always still pull the expose+run and clear tag modes on Deuces for the Apoc turn.

Still 3 Pinhole Threading, very useful for clearing Crisiums/Hokusais on alternate centrals on Apoc turn, and occasionally checking the remote to keep them honest.

Shoutouts are due to:

Baa Ram Wu and Vale, for convincing me to play Apoc Hosh in my traditional night-before Deck Anxiety;

nbkelly, for inciting said Deck Anxiety in the first place;

And last but not least, ArminFirecracker and the rest of the Munich crew for their hospitality and generosity to a tourist from Singapore. Can’t thank you guys enough, and I can only hope to reciprocate their kindness to any future travelers to my country. If you, dear reader, or any Netrunner you know ever intend to visit Singapore, do get in touch with me and I'll do my best to make your stay a good one!

ABR friendos

18 Mar 2023 Telos

A friend of mine is moving to Singapore soon, do you know if there's a Netrunner scene there?

21 Mar 2023 Jai

@Telos : The local scene is currently pretty small, but that's still better than what it was a year ago (basically disappeared entirely after FFG pulled out). I've managed to get a small group of new/returning players into the NSG card pool, and local games are slowly but surely starting up again. Do DM me on the GLC Discord if you want to find out more!