Spornts - Ist place Salford CO

Sauc3 136

Go Fast.

Go Fast. Draw cards. Receive donations of more cards and credits from the runner. Score Agendas. Win.

Went according to plan on the day (although no one was really teched against it), until the last game vs Haway when the flood hit hard..

All credit goes to Sokka, this was ripped wholesale from his stream. Much respect. As someone in their first competitive season, I cannot recommend his streams highly enough for learning purposes and explaining the reasoning for plays. Other new players should review the back catalog.

I did consider switching out the Fast Break for another piece of ice, but in my last testing game it allowed me to completely lucksack the last 2 points against a Stargate Hoshiko when the game was pretty much lost so I had to keep it in there for sentimental reasons.

16 Aug 2022 Havvy

Huge congratulations! FA Sports deck, ticks all my boxes!

23 Aug 2022 NtscapeNavigator