GuRuWu (0 - 4 Regional)

5N00P1 834

I wanted to go the Wu road, unlimited drip is something I can't ignore and is very tempting.... I should know better ;-)

This was going 0:4 in the Nürnberg Regional, being a bad pilot? Is the Wu meta gone? idk

I liked the idea of slotting Guru Davinder as it's a protection against all these Punitive Decks running around and at the same time can help you against Gagarin and IG. But....

Otherwise the plays 2 Leprechaun to solve it's MU issues, which is.... risky. I also added Hunting Grounds for the Argus Matchup and some others like Data Wards. It was a good include!

Game Report

Game 1 against Richard on BABW

Got all the money, IAA naked I stole it without Guru Davinder so I was killed... deserved it....

Game 2 against Cahuita on Palana

This was hilarious, she got 2 agendas early and we have not seen another one the whole game, neither of us! I Khusyuk for 6 cards, nothing. I got 5 Snares, still surviving and the game ended in time. She trashed a Data Ward due to Hunting Grounds it was worth it!

Game 3 against Saan on IG

Saan why? Can't you try to play Netrunner? Murder me with Argus or Outfit, but don't play the Mumbad Game with me, would you please? No? OK, next time maybe Gagarin? I got my Guru Davinder but was to poor and should have run Archives or HQ instead of R&D for the win.... next time, maybe?

Game 4 against KNT_HLZ on NEH

Please another one.... He got all the good cards, I was behind don't know why, I think Peace in Our Time & Sure Gamble don't want to show up as well as Stimhack and I could not run or trash. So he played Solitaire and I made 4 runs in the last 2 turns.
OK I got it, Asset Spam is so much fun and there are so many decision to take and and and ... I was just on the wrong side of the table....