Mill is Dead but I'm Still Breathing [UTTER JANK]

krazz 41

Are you tired of winning games? Are you perhaps bored of decks that do banal things such as "multiaccess" or "break subroutines" or "have a functional game plan"? Well, do I have the decklist for you!

Here's the gameplan:

  • Step 1: Somehow get down Banner and Persephone while still maintaining a decent credit pool. If you can't get at Banner, Bankhar/Airblade works in a pinch
  • Step 2: Set up egrets on sentries and code gates, and make glory runs on the server with the most ice on it. Use Banner to slide through and burn through R&D with Persephone.
  • Step 3: Watch as the corp scores out because it took you 8 turns to get your rig fully set up and you're broke.
  • Step 4: Cry

But, on the plus side, you can mill 10+ cards per go with this vs R+ when going tagme through a Starlit Knight. So I think it balances itself out. This definitely isn't a coping mechanism. Shut up.

19 Sep 2023 Nanisa1

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19 Sep 2023 rosabella

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