Seidr House Rules - GNK Undefeated

greyfield 3908

What's harder to break than a 9-strength Seidr? How about seven of them?!

Your goal is Clearance for your first few turns, and then score (with Biotics or a scoring remote) a Successful Field Test. Install all your ice, stacked up as high as you want in your scoring remote, with a Mumbad City Grid and your agenda inside, and a Seidr on the outside. Ta-da! Your server is nigh-impermeable.

As long as Diagnostics continues to be legal, this won't be the best CI deck, but it is incredibly satisfying, and has a few matchups it seemingly can't lose (e.g. it makes a mockery of the Deus X deck). And the influence is very open - note the NAPDs and luxury IP Blocks. All you need is enough ice to make SFT pay off and enough money to rez the ice after you install it.

26 Jun 2017 jase2224

It was pretty impressive how hard this shut down that Shaper deck I was running. I would really like to try it out against LeeMaw, but I really love the idea of using Mumbad City Grid to lock out runners. Especially with the Vanilla, sure taught me for not using a fracter :)

27 Jun 2017 rubyvr00m

I almost wonder if you could drop the NAPD's, IP Blocks, and Targeted Marketings to play grail Ice which makes a great target for Mumbad City Grid as well.

27 Jun 2017 greyfield

Well, the problem is just that you want to install as many pieces of ice as you can to max out Seidrs, which works against holding back a couple for Grail triggers. Not that it wouldn't work, it just might be a different deck (definitely one I'd enjoy taking to a GNK).

One other fun idea for those trying to exploit SFT: Amazon Industrial Zone. It's about to rotate, but that's a lot of very cheap ice. Or, for that matter, use it to trigger the Brain-Taping Warehouse/Surat City Grid madness.

The possibilities of Clearances + SFT are potentially unlimited. Money is potentially an issue - I wasn't a huge fan of the Biotics, since that's 12 credits right there which doesn't leave much for protecting three servers, and so usually built a rudimentary scoring remote for the SFT before upgrading it with the trigger - but if you can plan around that hurdle, you can do a lot of stupid stuff.