I love Huskies (26th @ Oct AMT 1-2)

Gathzen 194

This is the original decklist by Cahuita, I didn't make any changes. Thank you for making such a cool list!

I was so happy to see Tunnel Vision in the top cut at Worlds!

This was my Corp deck.

I didn't perform that well, but I also got extremely unlucky during the tournament.

Round 1 (Loss): Played against what looked like Facet Ob. Hammered centrals and kept the Urban Renewals in check. Managed to steal 5 points off a Deep Dive, however, the Corp was on 2 points and managed to score 5 more points in 2 turns because I didn't check the board enough.

Round 2 (Loss): Played against what seemed to be KANEHL+. Drew pretty much no econ, so I was a bit rough. Also hit a 1 in 7 Oracle Thinktank in HQ.

Round 3 (Bye)

Round 4 (Win): Played against NEH Kill. Got double DoFs in my opening hand, and since this deck does not have much ICE I was able to drain the Corp and keep their money in check by trashing their econ assets. Managed to win off of centrals.