KANEHL+ - 14th at Worlds

Pinsel 2567

With everyone in NWE high on KANEHL I felt like crypto crash was often cheesed by hiding it between tons of remotes thus i ported an earlier version to R+ and promptly forgot about it. With NEH shaping up to be our list for worlds, and an good run in start up with Drago and R+, i revisited it and build this list in the middle of the night on friday based on KANEHL, sleeved it and went to bed without further testing. NWE was incredibly helpful in figuring out the last few slots, and on saturday, it quickly became clear that this list is a monster.

This deck has a few significant advantages over NEH

  • Early Oppo Research's cost me 0
  • All ICE is a tempo positive facecheck
  • When the runner is tagme, tagging ICE still provides econ
  • Fewer assets and more ICE means I can more easily protect against bankroll/maw/sable
  • Federal Funraising is amazing, keeping R&D safe, thus allowing me to protect HQ better. In NEH, the draw often tens to lead to overdrawing. There is also synergy with emptying Marilyn, allowing me to shuffle the deck if the coming cards are bad.
  • The utility of being able to take money or cards, instead of being forced to spam naked assets to get ID value

Biotic was an amazing last minute include, allowing me to score Cryptocrash with wage worker when it is best without blocking the remote, or Tomorrows headline with SGP. Another great card has been planogram, allowing me to bounce back from few credits and also being punishment for floating a tag

During Swiss, this deck didn't drop a game, but lost both games in the cut. All in all I am happy with the build, with the only change being a second Mestnichevsko for an Unsmilig Tsarevna.

Shoutouts to

  • PSK and everyone else from NSG who worked hard to make this amazing event happen
  • NWE for great testing and a great weekend in barcelona
  • @echo for an exhilarating last 241 game in swiss
  • All the other participants that kept sweating in Casa Rius to play a dead game
20 Oct 2023 NWE

Congrats on the finish!

The Biotic is such a great include! Maybe at 1 AM before the swiss on Saturday when you sent the list to the group I should have sleeved it up as well :D

26 Oct 2023 Cannister

Congrats Pinsel! I didn't get to watch all of the worlds footage but I'm very interested in this list. I'm curious about the role of Mestnichestvo - specifically how you used it or planned to while playing the deck - it seems like advancing it before it's rezzed is a huge tell on what it is - it narrows the field so much on what ice it could be that I'd be a bit surprised if that was the play. Did you use it to protect remotes or centrals and how and when were you advancing it?


8 Nov 2023 Bridgeman

Cool stuff! Congrats on the placement, was nice chatting with you a bit :D

13 Nov 2023 Zoehope

Thanks so much for sharing this decklist. It's LIT. I used it for my UK Nats 2023 deck and your excellence helped me secure 4/6 wins. So delighted. My edits were around the idea of expanding the express shipping option in Vladisibirsk.