Shuffle R&D - 1-2 at Vale's Async Tourney

bowlsley 560

I have some questions here.

Mmm yeah, I expect you do.

Five breakers?

Look, hear me out. Unity sucks when the first ice you encounter is a code gate, and Euler owns. These are stone cold facts. But in the late game, Euler suck and Unity is great. What's a guy to do but play them both? Also, keeping both installed gives me a 4 str Echelon and a +4 boost on Unity. Both of which pair well against good ice that's out there in the format.

And Ankusa?

An what now?


Yeah ok ok. It was a theoretical tech card against Kakugo and I didn't run into a single Kakugo during the whole tournament. But still, I might have!

You might have had a better deck if you cut it, too


Speaking of deck slots...

Uh oh, here we go.

Did you really need 4 multi access cards? Wouldn't just a couple of Deep Dives been enough?


A solid defence there.

Alright, let me try again: Whilst Deep Dive is very very good, I will never stop being a Khusyuk apologist. With DZMZ, Talut, Beth and Rezeki, it's extremely easy to set up enough pieces to see 6 cards with it, often quicker than it is to get the breakers together to run all three centrals. Once in a blue moon, you even get to Khusyuk during a Deep Dive turn, and then you get to feel extremely proud of yourself when you do, and what more reason to play Netrunner is there than that?

Well I'm convinced. You must have crushed all your games with this deck then?


27 Apr 2022 Baa Ram Wu

FWIW Ankusa also being an answer to poorly placed border controls is also not bad.

I like a lot of things about this deck - did it just struggle with econ?

27 Apr 2022 bowlsley

I mostly just got rushed in my two losses - once against Gagarin I couldn't quite keep up with them and my opponent played around Clot very nicely, and then against PD I just didn't draw into my breakers/SMCs quickly enough - I had to contest a triple-iced remote with only one SMC and a Pelangi. I still might have gotten in had I trusted my hunch and installed Paperclip first.

I do think it's a pretty solid deck overall though. I think I'd be tempted to cut an LtF and Pantograph for a couple of other things - maybe a DJ and something else?