Chaos Theory, Code Savant

severininfurs 48

I've been wanting to make a deck where I print my own points for a while now, but unfortunately it seems like Liberated Chela requires too much support for too little gain. That being said, with Notoriety being kept, I think that you can definitely surprise some corps with how many of your own points you can make with Notoriety making it through the rotation.

Restricted card is Magnum Opus to keep up the money. Misdirection and Sacrificial Construct are in to help against tagging and rig sniping respectively. Cheap runs with the (usually) efficient breaker suite of Savant/Paperclip/D4v1d. As far as econ to supplement MOPUS, I decided on Daily Casts over Sure Gamble because this deck usually wants the drip over the burst econ.

The one card I stand by 100%, especially in this deck, is the tempo Hyperdriver. It can be saved on a Dhegdheer to help recover from an Hard Hitting News), it can lead to a +14c turn with 7 clicks of MOPUS, you can draw clear through your deck almost, or you can create anywhere from 1-4 of your own points in one turn if you snag an agenda with the help of Indexing.

Edit: Took this to a Dallas SC 2018, squeaked out a 2-1 finish, brought down by my 0-3 corp. Overall, I think the deck is okay but not great. 3 D4v1ds definitely felt like the right number. It is not equipped to deal with net damage late game, and not rich enough for Feedback Filter, so I may draw into my pieces and run more aggressively vs Jinteki in the future. Even though at our SC, we didn't have much in the way of glacier or Jinja City Grid in specific, I think for my next SC I want to take a deck better equipped to deal with one of those vertical decks incase I do run up against one.

25 Nov 2017 Ulkrond

I love your deck. I want to up the tempo a bit and drop David for DDoS.