do it again. (25th @ EMEA)

l0velace 258

the deck

your mission is very simple. FA (holo man) regenesis a sisyphus protocol. watch the runner become mildly distressed. regenesis a bacterial programming. you do not need to think about this. you will not be deviating from this plan. this deck's pilot's job is to count how strong you can make your ice and whether or not two of them will kill. nothing more. your opponent breaks your sentry and you look them in the eyes, discard a card, and tell them to do it again.

thank you sebastiank

the event

EMEA was so very wonderful and i'm so lucky to have been able to go. what the fuck! this has been, without a doubt, the best tournament i have ever been to. thank you atien you did an excellent job of putting this on, thank you to everyone involved in running this, to the judges (especially the winner of the cutest head judge award), and to my opponents who i crushed in glorious combat and also my opponents who i gracefully lost to.

thank you to the people I stayed with, the people I loved and love and will love, those that i have known for years and those who i met for the first time and will do again and again. netrunner is a wonderful game and i'm so glad i get to share it with you all. i'll save the real sappy stuff for my runner writeup.

6 Jul 2024 AceEmpress

your mission is simple. last click (Ika on board, no other breakers) run archives. watch the helheim servers make you mildly distressed. spend all your money to break anansi. you do not need to think about this. you will not be deviating from this plan. this deck's pilot's job is to count how bad the next ice could be, and whether or not two fuji in the bin would kill. nothing more. your opponent rezzes the second anansi, you look it in the eyes, let it fire the subs, then shuffle your last card in hand, and tell it you're accessing archives.

steal 10 points.

Also haha nerd I'm being sappy in your writeup but getting to spend EMEA with you was absolutely amazing - same record solidarity, being gay together, casual games on Sunday, and bus/map navigation all got me through this event - the little things that feel like simple gestures but mean so much more looking back. Netrunner is only as good as the people we share it with; thank you so much for being part of what made EMEA so great!

6 Jul 2024 harmonbee

um actually it was the cutest judge award and not the cutest head judge award, I had to work to win this award that I made up thankyouverymuch

(for real tho love you)