Praise the Sun! (Prague Regionals Winner)

hsiale 204

I found a decklist by @tstack when looking for a good and fun deck for Euro Championships. Tested and changed a bit, then took it to Birmingham. It went 6-4 there, carrying me into day two, I finished 50th out of 227.

This weekend I took exactly same deck to Prague Regionals to finish 1st out of 18 players. It went 1-1 in Swiss (lost against Ayla who installed Magnum Opus turn 1, won against Whizzard) and then won twice in top cut (against Leela and Smoke).

11 Jun 2017 MrHuds0n

Hold on, you played 2 games in Swiss? Wot?

11 Jun 2017 hsiale

4 rounds, bye-play-play-id