BigBoy Noise

TheBigBoy 8834

This is my latest version of standard Noise.

3 Inject 3 Peddler for consistency. Levy to offset their downside and to let you play more recklessly. 1 Clone Chip just doesn't have enough impact.

1 Plascrete because I like not dying. I hate I've had Worse because it doesn't always save you when you need it to and is HORRIBLE when you are broke and looking for Aesop (Inject is incredible in that situation). You can also pull plas off of Peddler, which wins you the game if you do it after the first kill card comes down off an SEA or 24/7.

Grimoire over Turntable because 2 Clots spam should be enough for NEH and Grimoire really helps against slower decks.

1 Scheherazade because it makes you crazy money for no upfront cost or tempo hit.

No stupid Daily Casts. True Noise players don't play with such cowardly cards.

3 Lampreys because I hate Netrunner (according to my victims). FIRST PARASITE IS ALWAYS HQ.

No Corroder. I always start with no Corroder, end up adding one because of one tilting game and then never install it on tournament day ever. This time I'm done with it. YOU HEAR THAT CORRODER? We're THROUGH!

If you don't like the plas/Schez then you can play some other tech cards (Corroder, Hacktivist, Knifed, 2nd Medium, 3rd D4vid) based on your meta. The rest of the deck is locked.

Deck wins games. Runner advantage is crazy right now. Never lose to CI again.



22 Mar 2016 Letsaros

I've played an exact same Noise deck (almost exact. Everything is the same bar the injects which i have IHW instead) and i ended up tilting after a SC that i never saw Aesops in 3 out of the 4 games while i drew half my deck :P

I had 1x Levy too. It's much more important in imho than the 1x Clone chip most people play. Levy can be a game changer.

Don't get me wrong. Noise is awesome and very strong. I just hate to have to dig for 1 card that plays that much of an important role. It tilts me XD

22 Mar 2016 x3r0h0ur

Why is it always so hard to get people off casts in Noise?

22 Mar 2016 raphaeln

Don't you need a Same Old Thing there in case you lose Levy and Deja Vu's from random damages?

22 Mar 2016 TheBigBoy

@LetsarosInject being +1 card and costing negative money is huge for this. Think if it as an express delivery that costs -2. I never have this problem anymore.

@x3r0h0ur They like to break themselves trashing pointless crap (trashing jacksons when you have 3 credits and no aesops for example).

@raphaelnWhen you are against 1000 cuts and you get down to your last levy/deja, just play it even if you have like 15 cards left. Getting 15ish extra hitpoints should be enough to win. You don't need to be greedy.

22 Mar 2016 saracenus

What, no MemStrips... Runs away laughing maniacally!

23 Mar 2016 moistloaf

cool, maybe ill start playing this after kinda burning out on whizzcakes after 3 months of nonstop play ;) thx for doing the brewing for us abram

23 Mar 2016 Parzival

Good shit right here. I'm playing a very similar list, but I like your reasoning for Inject over IHW, and I think I'll give it a shot.

24 Mar 2016 rojazu

How is the palana matchup?

24 Mar 2016 TheBigBoy

@rogedaviI think it's fine. It depends on what type of game they are playing. Agroplex is suicide to rez against Noise so if that card is key to their strategy you probably crush them.

24 Mar 2016 rojazu

I was considering a singleton Quest Completed and looking for as much dissuasion as possible

24 Mar 2016 Chuftbot

3x Inject is inspired.

24 Mar 2016 TheBigBoy

@ChuftbotThanks :) It took some reflecting back to my roots. I was playing Noise pre-O&C with 3 inject 3 earthrise and remember getting pawnshop right away every game. It got me thinking... ;)

25 Mar 2016 bubbathegoat

@TheBigBoy A Noise list to swear by! thanks for posting this! I have only recently (probably through your help on Stimhack forums) moves to 3x Lamprey, and I'm already wondering how I didn't always play with 3. As a great bonus, I find corps prefer to ICE R&D early for fear of Medium, so HQ is a softer target. Running HQ repeatedly is also a great way to steal an agenda; ignoring HQ has long been a weakness of my Noise play.

@rogedavi My favorite Noise tech card lately has been Run Amok. Most of the time the corp won't bother to rez any ICE, so it results in a 'free' access, or at least a shot at the upgrades in a server. The usefulness of the card is heavily dependent on play style. I find it works best when the runner pressures remotes more consistiently, and kills whatever ICE gets rezzed on the scoring remote.

@x3r0h0ur I am slowly learning. I am not real smart in the brain, but I am slowly getting away from Daily Casts. I think playing more MaxX will help me feel less afraid of dumping cards into the heap.

26 Mar 2016 HexNet

The absence of a third Faust upsets me immensely. Phenomenal list otherwise.

26 Mar 2016 TheBigBoy

You draw so many cards that you see it quickly enough.

26 Mar 2016 bubbathegoat

@HexNet I agree with @TheBigBoy, I have always played with 3x Faust, but since switching to a build similar to what we have here, I believe that the 3rd Faust is superfluous. It could be a wonderful tech slot for Hacktivist Meeting or Run Amok!

27 Mar 2016 rojazu

Took a variant of this (-1 plascrete -1 shez +2 hacktivist) to brighton store champs, going 7-1 overall (and 3-0 in the cut). Inject is so good i always got my engine up. Hacticist was garbage i got 1 mill out of it all day, the problem is the one matchup you want it for, they have the ability to turn it off all too easily. In retrospect i would play 1 shez and a 3rd d4v1d. On plascrete, it is a crutch, i played 2 haarps today and destroyed the, - just get in HQ and imp that shit.

31 Mar 2016 clercqie

If plascrete is a crutch, what are your thoughts on Archives Interface in that slot?

31 Mar 2016 bubbathegoat

I've toyed with an Archives Interface a couple of times. I really liked being able to farm up Datasucker tokens without fear of CVS. It usually results in some ICE going over archives, which is a victory of its own.

If farming up datasucker tokens is important to your playstyle, AI is pretty useful. I like that it is a hardware, so it cannot be forced into the heap by Inject the way programs are, nor is it auto-trashed by Street Peddler the way events are (my go-to lately has been Run Amok).

I haven't tried any real-life games with it yet. I suspect that there are better uses of that slot.

31 Mar 2016 clercqie

Yeah, that's my main line of reasoning as well: being able to sucker-farm without hitting CVS. Played against some Blue Sun last night, and having 3 Suckers out against an open central server is just crippling. :D

Run Amok seems decent, but I'm leery about the 3 credit play cost. Noise is still not super rich, and 3 credits that you cannot recoup with Aesop's is a lot in my experience.

31 Mar 2016 bubbathegoat

Run Amok has been great to steal out of well-ICE'd servers. Corps rarely rez against it, so it doesn't destroy much ICE. The cost is relatively low compared to breaking 2-3 pieces of ICE, but I agree that Noise is not the best fit for it.

27 May 2016 Ayanami

Thoughts on Making an Entrance vs. Inject?

27 May 2016 bubbathegoat

I think of Inject and I've Had Worse as competing for clots, depending on how much damage you are likely to face. I think of Making an Entrance as competing with Street Peddler.

The more silver bullets you have, but may not need (particularly if some of them are events) make Entrance better, but the paid-ability speed installs make Street Peddler important for some match-ups, particularly CI.

If you do try using Entrance, don't be afraid to trash a lot of cards to get the what you need to set-up. If you need Wyldside and it's not in the next 6 cards, trashing all 6 may be the best option to dig the next one out faster.

29 May 2016 Ayanami

@TheBigBoy: Took this to the Western Australian regionals and won; Inject really is a stroke of genius (thanks for your commentary too @bubbathegoat, all makes sense now). Undefeated in Swiss and Top 8. I've played Noise since the beginning and this flowed just as well as all the various iterations of Noise I've played over the years.

IG and Gargarin-Museum is not prevalent in our meta, but I did play against Gargarin-Museum in a casual game while waiting in Top 8 and got stomped; I think Scheherazade/Lamprey -> Archives Interface x 1 or 2 might be needed there.

In any event, thanks for sharing your tech mate.

31 May 2016 rojazu

I slightly favour MaE over Inject at this time. The meta has become a lot more rushy these days to combat whiz so you should have little requirement to fire off the Levy. The synergy between MaE and Peddler is something to behold, and not playing Inject means you will never lose a Cache or a Shez ever again! I think if you go for a Making An Entrance build, you drop the Levy and return to 1 Clone chip.

31 May 2016 bubbathegoat

I still like Levy AR Lab Access with Making an Entrance. When I need a Wyldside or an Aesop's Pawnshop, I really need to find them as quickly as possible. Sometimes trashing 6 cards to find Wyldside really is the best option to get set up. Levy as a safe backstop gives me a chance to recur any important pieces that I trashed back into the engine once I have all the pieces.

28 Nov 2016 slowreflex

Do you have an update to this list that is tournament legal (this one says -7 inf) and can deal with the tag-fest / Boom craziness going on right now?

28 Nov 2016 bubbathegoat

To be perfectly frank, I don't think this deck can survive in the current meta, without the updates to the MWL. This deck (and Noise Shop in general) never ran on many credits, so it would always be vulnerable to HHN. An easily tagged runner is a pretty strong corp win condition in the current meta.

28 Nov 2016 TheBigBoy

I think this deck even at full strength would be an underdog to CtM.

The dream is over boys.