Dumpster Gambles 3.0 - 2nd Place ETX Regionals

pandapersona 2634

Exile and Spark got to 2nd place at the Seattle ETX regionals. I believe attendance was 40 players at ETX regionals. This is the continuation and modification of my original Dumpster Gambles deck that won a store championship last year.

With the hit from MWL the D4v1d had to come out, which made the deck a little less resilient, however, to deal with the big ice and make things a little more efficient I ended up going with the Panchatantra and Sharpshooters/Deus X.

This deck has not actually changed that much, the biggest issue is that I've had to find room for all the 1-of silver bullets that really help in specific matches, like Artist Colony, Film Critic, Political Operative, and Plascrete.

Throughout the two day tournament, Exile only dropped a single game against 1st place's Sol. As for notable games, Imp continues to remain an MVP card, helping dismantle a Butchershop style NEH by trashing agendas and applying a lot of pressure on a 7-point CI game (Imp was recurred 4-5 times).

30 May 2016 Heartthrob


30 May 2016 podoboyz99

People may scoff when they see this deck has done well, but it is a real gem. It takes a lot of practice to play well, but when it's fireing on all cylinders it is really scary. Congrats Stephan!

31 May 2016 CJFM

Congrats Stephen! Did you ever use the Pancha during the tournament?

31 May 2016 Angedelo

oh man, i've got regionals in a few days and now i'm going to have to take Exile... THANKS OBAMA

31 May 2016 pandapersona

@CJFM Panchatantra saw a little bit of play, but in general it was installed for a credit and sold for three more. It probably should be an Atman.

31 May 2016 Bilitherubin

Film Critic best tech, it crushed and win against Palana first turn guys! ;)

31 May 2016 sepruda

How do you pilot this? I have no idea :)

31 May 2016 Sotomatic

So, how do you break news hound?

31 May 2016 pandapersona

@SotomaticThe plan for strength 4 sentries like News Hound is to Panchatantra through them, although if I were to take the deck to another tournament, I'd just swap in an Atman and save myself some headache.

31 May 2016 jrandom

Great deck. Any help with your opening hand? What are you mulligan'ing for typically.

31 May 2016 pandapersona

@jrandomTypically, a good opening hand has both Cache and Aesop's, but it really depends on the match up. If you're against any asset heavy ID like NEH, Gagarin, or IG taking the aggressive mulligan for the Astrolabe is not a bad plan. In a more glacial match, I'm looking for things like Diesel and SMC in the opening hand. Sahasrara nice to see in the opening, but not nessessary, the same is true for Scheherazade. If you don't have Diesel or Aesop's or SMC, it is probably a good idea to take the mulligan.

2 Jun 2016 Lindbjerg

This has been really interesting for me to play. Never tried an exile deck before, so took some time to learn how to play it semi-efficiently. It's surprisingly effective when you get some good early draws, but it can be very difficult to catch up if you get your aeosops late for example.

A few changes I've made:

-Panchatantra + Atman

-Political Operative + Datasucker (mostly because I might take it to regionals on Sunday, where Democracy and Dogma isnt allowed because of shipping issues apparantly)

-1x Sharpshooter -1x Self-modifying Code + 2x Technical Writer (I'm going back and forth on this change, but the ammount of burst economy that stockpiles on Technical Writer with this deck is crazy.

2 Jun 2016 Lindbjerg

One thing that really destroys me is Power Shutdown for 0 however or a Marcus Batty used on a trash program sub. If I host all my programs on Scheherazade those things can really ruin the game. Considered Sacrificial Construct just because of this. How did you deal with those issues?

2 Jun 2016 pandapersona

@Lindbjerg In regards to Power Shutdown, if you suspect your opponent is on that plan, always try to have Inti or SMC installed. That's the main way around the Power Shutdown blowout.

4 Jun 2016 striatic

@Lindbjergyou also don't have to load up absolutely everything on Scheherazade if you suspect Batty or Keegan - just put your disposable stuff on it and leave your safety net breakers off of it for security. You also have enough recursion to bounce back even if you do lose the odd situationally critical program off a Scheherazade trash.

4 Jun 2016 arahknxs

Not to be rude, but why Exile as opposed to Hayley or Kate?

4 Jun 2016 pandapersona

@arahknxs The reason I prefer Exile is that neither the Hayley or Kate ability are that helpful with the deck. In addition, saving clicks by turning 8 card into cantrips is pretty cool. The deck can generate a silly amount of money once up and running, so the extra credit a turn from Kate feels needless. And while Hayley's ability is cool, can save clicks, and allow for some neat plays, in order to use it effectively the deck would need to either spend more time clicking for cards or include additional draw power.

4 Jun 2016 CJFM

@pandapersona Looking again at the decklist, and knowing that there are jerks like me who play Tour Guide, do you think the cut for Atman might be one of the Sharpshooters? Having two seems good to keep your rig safe, but how often do you need two?

4 Jun 2016 pandapersona

@CJFM Possibly, I just like Sharpshooter with Panchatantra over Deus X. I'd definitely just slam Atman back into the deck, cutting a single Sharpshooter and I'd be much happier with the deck.

5 Jun 2016 WoodyIsGod

with this deck you have only a possible 8 credits to get through cards that trigger your ability unless im missing something. Clone chip x 3, test run x 2, and scavenge x 3. Yes you have levy to do it all again but wouldnt Kate or Haley be better and trigger the abilities more? Not a criticism just curious.

16 Jun 2016 funwithtang

Ankusa in place of lady