Caliblative Team: Fast Friends 🏈 [1st @ NSG Eternal #2]

lukifer 1235

"sports go sports"

I somehow piloted this pile of nonsense into a 3-0 win at the second 2023 Eternal tournament, against 2 Whizzards and an Esâ.

Guaranteed this list is far from optimal; it should probably have at least one Shipment from MirrorMorph (although Fast Break and Pet Project can serve as multi-install combo enablers). A 3rd Friends is also probably correct, and there's enough Medium floating around that a 2nd CVS would be a good idea.

Research Grants are cute, but they're a low-percentage play, it was a blank 3/1 on the day. They should probably be swapped with some mix of Hyperloop Extension, Stegodon MK IV, and Bifrost Array (if I'm not mistaken, Bifrost can put a counter on a Megaprix that doesn't have one).

A couple games on stream:

Round 1 vs Daine

Round 3 vs YsengrinSC

10 Sep 2023 Jeffrey Bosboom

The FAQ for Megaprix Qualifier says Bifrost Array can't trigger its ability.

11 Sep 2023 Jai

Always a pleasure to see your Sports brews