Big Bro Hoshiko (1st at DAVE GNK and Berlin & Friends)

Longi 1899



This is the deck that I and my buddy @Mildesorte have been testing lately. It is one of the many variations on the companion Hoshiko. We think companion engine combined with Rezeki provides strong late game which was often problematic for anarchs whose money resources were limited.

On the other hand, even though Hoshiko has fastest start out of all anarchs, the bin breakers are generally weak regarding the speed and, of course, breaking efficiency. To increase the chances against fast decks (namely ASA) we placed our bets on Engolo and tutors that help to find it. Odore totally wrecks Tour Guide and with three virtual resources surpasses MKUltra in most situations. Pleas note that three Paladins are vital for the smooth tempo, resist the temptation to reduce them to two! Gachapons are excellent here, they have 20 targets in the decks.

Only difference in our decks was the inclusion of Self Modifying Code (can tutor for Medium and can be found by Gachapon) and Fencer Fueno to increase the chances against asset spam decks such as ASA, CtM and RP. For that inclusion @Mildesorte removed two Special Orders.

Finally, we would like to thank TOs, namely to @5N00P1 and @Swiftie for organizing the tournaments since in these times it provides valued distraction and also helps to keep the NR community at least in online touch. Another big thanks goes to Nisei for our Christmas present in the form of Salvaged Memories.

21 Dec 2020 Diogene

I really like the use of Special Order, it is much better influence wise.

21 Dec 2020 Longi

@Diogene Thanks, we tried two Bomerangs instead to gain some edge against fast corps bud finding Engolo and keeping in on the table as constant threat works better in stalling game in to the mid-game where Hoshiko prevails.

22 Dec 2020 Diogene

I've tried the Special Order and it work great. Do you see a lot of rig shooting? Because I see that you back a double for every breaker type. Aumakua coud be a better secondary breaker along Engolo.

Some questions :

  1. Rebirth : Have you tried to start with Nathaniel Gnat, with 40 cards, and Rebirth into whatever ID you really need. This could give you a lot of consistency.

  2. DreamNet versus Earthrise Hotel. In my experiment, I got better tempo gain using Earthrise Hotel than DreamNet. Mainly because of Paladin Poemu, which allow you to install it for much cheaper. Getting 2 cards a turn without the need to run is really good, especially early.

22 Dec 2020 Longi

@Diogene Rigshooter decks seem to be scarce in the current meta. However, I like to double the breakers for consistency. You find them faster and you have a backup when your primary breakers are shot from your hand by bad luck damage. Aumakua is difinitely a valid suggestion but the cheap high strenght ices (Engram Flush. and Slot Machine) make its use more difficult. Not to mention everybody plays Cyberdex Sandbox.

As for the first question I prefere to start as a Hoshiko because her money gain and draw make for an explosive start. Later on she looses its value so I rebirth into Kim or Omar in most cases.

You are quite right about consistent Hotel draw, especially when installed of Paladin. However, Dreamnet also gives you money and is virtual resource which combines well with Gachapon and Odore. In other builds I would also go for Hotel.

29 Dec 2020 Council

How about Spooned?

29 Dec 2020 Longi

@DonLoverGate Spooned is a really good fit here. If I wanted to play 46th card, it would be that one.