Neneteki: Personal Evolution 2.1

BlackCherries 370

4-1 in the S3C tournament and an overall fun time with the deck.

What does the deck do right?

I personally think I have the best cheap, taxing ICE suite with this combination. Note how only 2 cards in the entire deck cost 4 or more (excl. Hedge Fund). Almost every ICE in my suite has a 2 credit swing (excluding Swordsman and vs. Morning Star) while costing me next-to-nothing. A fast tempo deck that makes Shapers desperately search for their Test Runs, Criminals desperately search for their Special Orders, and Anarchs cry into their pillows.

Weaknesses include late-game vulnerability - Ichi 1.0 and Tollbooth can both be taken care of if needed and Femme Fatale can really make either cry. I really dislike the agenda suite as well - hate having those 2 PriReq and even the PSF does not hold its weight. Future improvements would be adding more econ and a bit heftier ICE just to deal with runners who can match the tempo.