Wu you gonna call? 1.1 -- 2nd at Prague GNK

DTonius 48

I played this deck to second place at Prague GNK, May 12. The deck scored 3-1.


Game 1 -- Win vs Titan Fast-kill: I was able to find all the agendas fast enough. I got hit by HHN but with Kabonesa I pulled Misdirection (and sacrificed it to rfg) to get rid of the tags.

Game 2 -- Loss vs Palana CTZ Stress Variation: I ran while I was poor, stole Bacterial, got hit by two Punitives and died horribly.

Game 3 -- Win vs CTM Rasher Decisions: I knew this deck well and I saw Mopus and Marathon in my opening hand. During the typical turn I ran all the remotes and then clicked for 8 credits. I stole some agendas on the table and eventually found a win in centrals.

Game 4 -- Win vs NBN heavy AgInfusion -- My opponent got agenda flooded and I was able to steal one naked Obokata he tried to sneak in and to find another in HQ. By the time he built a decent scoring remote, I had Stimhack in hand and was able to run it twice for the win.


Previous version

The biggest difference to the previous version of the deck is the change of the multiaccess on R&D (-3 The Maker's Eye +2 Indexing +1 Mad Dash) and HQ (-2 The Gauntlet +1 Legwork +1 The Turning Wheel). As a new console I took +2 Astrolabe -- it is cheaper and helps more against assets.

The further cuts include -1 Citadel Sanctuary (This deck has Misdirection and money to deal with occasional tag and kill.), -2 Peace in Our Time (I often did not find good moment to play it), -1 Takobi (I am sad to cut it since it can be really good against glacier but I wanted to try another tech.) and -1 Deuces Wild (I needed one more incluence point).

I used the free slots to put in +1 Beth Kilrain-Chang (She can help with draw and an extra click is amazing so I wanted to see her more consistently), +1 Scavenge (It helps to get Mopus more consistently cheaper, helps set up and can help recur lost programs in emergency. Returning Clot from the heap against FA is also cool.) and +1 Drive By (It kills NGO and destroy traps. Most importantly, it can tell you if it is worth running that 5 ice deep remote. )