Surge Protector Not Included

tharcaptain13 8

First deck I've ever made from scratch so take that into consideration.

The strategy for this deck is to revolve heavily around the Corp Identity: Thunderbolt Armaments in the early game to deter the runner from running or forcing them to uninstall. There are a fair amount of assets to bait the runner into running early. You want to hit the ground running with at least 1 economy card/upgrade and an ice so you can start throwing ice out as soon as possible. Be sure to focus your ice to 1 or 2 remote servers instead of many. Then you need to ensure you have a enough money in reserve for derezzing and rezzing cards so you'll want to make sure you have a strong economy quickly or you'll be in trouble after the running starts getting set up to run regularly.

3 Apr 2024 napalm900

Welcome to NetrunnerDB! Cool deck!