MAD Meteors

Kurvivor 8

They called me mad!..

Deck idea

This deck is experimental and certainly not optimal. Its idea is simple and straightforward: kill the Runner by dropping the stone on him.

But how can we find him? How we get the tags to stick?

Simple! We do not give him time! Just sacrifice 2-3 pieces of ice or something and drop the stone immediately! No chance to clear tags!

That would require that we have a ready sitting 5-advance agenda. One that we have already installed and advanced and left through runner's turn. While not impossible, it may be challenging... for some.

For some, but not for Jemison. Why, only by forfeiting a couple of False leads we can get Runner to skip his turn AND almost fill our precious meteor.

Quarantine system is our backup, for the cases where there may be lack of MAD targets, and allowing us to cycle through agendas to get our condition to fulfill.


There are two, and they are fairly serious. First, there is not that much economy.. In test games i had resorted to pulling out Hedge Funds with Malapert to function.

Secondly, ice suite is fairly suboptimal. There is much room for improvement, probably something could be imported from other factions.

In those regards, feedback and suggestions are very welcome.


The same idea (forfeiting False Leads) will work just fine with Clearinghouse, or Clearinghouse - Azef next turn combo. However, there is much less beauty in that.

6 Mar 2023 sebastiank

I started thinking about this last night and then I saw your decklist... were you also searching for corp cards that had the word "tag," saw these two right next to each other, and then have all the wheels start turning? :D

6 Mar 2023 Kurvivor

No, my road to the same point was through my card albums