Hostile Magnetism

Odol 1269

Just a regular Outfit list, published only for the sake of an ABR claim.

My only notable comment is that in a world where raindrops don't keep falling on my head, but cut stone instead, Magnet is a better code gate than Mausolus.


27 Mar 2023 rotage

Love to see Outfit lists :) Particular those with Ark Lockdown :D

How have you found Regulatory Capture?

27 Mar 2023 Odol

@rotage Regulatory Captures are excellent if you can keep them from clogging your hand early on :) I cannot imagine this list without them.

The addition of Ark Lockdown is the result of me being super terrified of Clot, as once the runner is set up it is very difficult to keep them off the scoring remote with 4-6 bad pub, so we rely heavily on closing the game with FA. It is possible that 2x Mavirus is enough to deal with Clot, though, and Ark could become a third HHN.

27 Mar 2023 Mancini

Why Hortum instead of Enigma?

27 Mar 2023 Odol

@Mancini The main reason is the Criminal matchup.

Enigma is just 1 credit cheaper to rez, but 2 credits cheaper to break with both Amina and Cat's Cradle. I never triple-advanced Hortum to stop Aumakua, but the 4-counter threshold for the turtle is also pretty helpful early on.

8 Apr 2023 m4trix87

@Odol This is what Spin Doctors are for :)

22 Sep 2023 emmausa

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26 Sep 2023 timothyferriss

Your choice of outfit should reflect your personal style and the formality of the occasion. This outfit strikes a balance between retro bowl professionalism and style, making it suitable for an ABR claim.