Eternal CTM (6th @ NISEI Eternal Tournament)

yucaBEAN 81

Deck performed very well, only dropping a single game to lostgeek's winning Apocalypse Andromeda deck.

Similar to 2016 CTM lists with the additions of IP Block, Rashida, and you have more influence, which I chose to spend on BOOM!

MCA Informant is important against Aaron Marron, who is extremely strong against this deck.

This deck is insanely fun to play. With Sensie + Bankers you are able to quickly find what you need and rush. It is difficult for the runner to slow you down without taking tags. If they let tags stick you can easily punish heavily with BOOM!, Closed Accounts or Exchange of Information. If they don't you can win with SanSan, a decent remote, or Breaking News shenanigans.