[Standard] Red Team Baby!

Murse 109

Very inspired by Metropol Grid. So fun to play! Feels like it always has a line.

Maybe switch an nga for a timebomb?

17 Mar 2023 HolyMackerel

I would second the switch from Nga to Time Bomb. I've found large bursts of Sabotage to be much more impactful than the drip that Nga provides.

17 Mar 2023 Murse

@HolyMackerel I still want to give it a bit more testing. In concert with Maw and Alice, having multiple instances of sabotage might actually feel nicer. The versatility with Gachapon and Simulchip is also really nice to have as well.

17 Mar 2023 Mancini

Why WAKE instead of Stargate or Twinning?

17 Mar 2023 Murse

@Mancini It's a fair bit of personal preference. I like the low instal cost, and between Fermenter, Nga, and Botulus, the memory can be tight (theoretically). The searchability of Stargate might warrant it, but ultimately the low cash value of Wake can give a little more early pressure (again, all theoretically).

17 Mar 2023 Murse

@Mancini Maybe if I switched the Ngas for Time Bomb, I could switch to Stargate. The deck is suspiciously off of Pinhole Threading, and that could give me the inf for that. I don't really want to run more that 2 Maw though, and with the 50 card deck, I could forsee the Stargate getting stranded in hand while I wait to find an MU fix.