Nova: QED (optimized according to Trash-or-Busto)

Klopstock 640

This list contains 1x of the top 40 standard legal cards that can be put into a single deck from the ranking website trash-or-busto. This is a suiting opponent for (and was obviously inspired by) this list. The first card added to this list was rank #5 Paperclip, the last slot was rank #100 Liberated Account.

24 Jan 2023 duk

Very cool, glad to see I inspired someone to make this! There's some neat stuff going on here, I especially like how Nova unleashed the full potential of DJ Fenris!

Unlike with my Ampere list, there are some pretty dead cards here. Aesop has to really scavenge for fodder, and poor Net Mercur has never felt so useless.

Ps: did Apocalypse get dropped?

24 Jan 2023 Klopstock

Yeah, your idea was really cool and I wanted to see what a Runner would look like. Apocalypse is indeed an oversight, it is on spot #31. I probably overlooked it because it is bunched up with four illegal cards in front of it and two illegal cards behind it, my bad! The correct list would include it for the Citadel Sanctuary - the rankings seem to have changed since I made the list, Liberated Account is now #97 and Citadel Sanctuary takes spot #100 in the rankings. DJ Fenris, which you also mentioned, is now on #99 but would still be dropped for the Apocalypse. And yeah, there are some dead cards in here. You can either sell them to Aesops or World Tree them away. Regardless of that, I think this deck might be stronger than the Corp since it generally has a better distribution of breakers, multi access, utility, some draw and money. The money is not enough, but it's less bad than it is for the Ampère: Cybernetics For Anyone.

25 Jan 2023 duk

Agreed on all fronts! I didn't realize when I posted the prior comment that you hadn't included DJ Fenris. I had made a runner version as well, but decided not to publish (I extended my list to 46 to include Falsified Credentials after seeing how poor Ampere turned out. I wanted to call it: "Nova: QED (optimized according to trash-or-busto, then de-optimized according to me)," but it didn't fit!). Honestly I'm kind of surprised at how much the trash-or-busto rankings still seem to change day to day. It will be interesting to build these lists again after the Parhelion meta develops further!