Good Bye RP (glacier, f prison) 1st German Nationals

Heinzel 1293

This is the RP deck i won the German Nationals with. I was always a fan of RP Glacier (i didn´t bring it to 3 competitive tournaments in the last 3 years, because it lost power to the mwl and dumblefork was an awful matchup) and i am glad that i could pilot it to a last big finish before it rotates out.

It went 4-2 during swiss and won both of its games in the top cut.
The overall matchups for this decks have gotten worse since Euros because of the release of Bloo Moose and the rising popularity of Inversificator.

To combat Bloo Moose i put in a Blacklist and switched the Mental Health Clinics to Tech Startups.
The switch to Tech Startups was a good change overall even without Blacklist. It lets you start with a Sundew more reliably and even can get a Jackson at times.
With the introduction of Obokata Protocol the hand limit increase from Mental Health Clinic started to be a liability, so cutting it didn´t hurt.

Blacklist is great in the current metagame. It is tutorable with Tech Startup. It hits the decks that play Bloo Moose (so pretty much all decks). It makes injects risky and generally hurts every deck that wants to use recursion. It really did do work every time i had it in play. The only downside is that you need to put effort into defending it since oftentimes it is a must trash for your opponent.

Fairchild 3.0 is an amazing piece of ice in RP since they normally can´t click through it if it´s on a remote and is just a good piece of ice in general.

I am sad to see my favorite ID go, but i guess this is the best good bye i could´ve hoped for...

28 Aug 2017 ANRguybrush

No destroyers at all! That's bold. No love for Cobra/Swordsman or do they not matter because everyone has mk ultra in the bin anyway?

28 Aug 2017 moistloaf

You're a great person

28 Aug 2017 Heinzel

@guy.brush Most people are afraid of spiky sentries in Jinteki and only run when they have a killer, so your destroyers won´t get anything most of the time. Also most destroyers (Ichi 1.0 being the only one that comes to my mind) don´t have a good cost/tax ratio. For Swordsman there are to few decks right now that run AI.

28 Aug 2017 FightingWalloon

How often do you actually rez Chiyashi?

28 Aug 2017 Nembras

What an amazing swan song for a great and fun deck. Congrats again on the win!

The subliminal did some real work in the final game. That clickless credit and added celebrity gift shenanigans go a long way. Do you feel a big difference between games where you draw it early vs. games where you don't draw it?

How often was yagura helpful? With inversificator (and to a lesser extend, Yog) being out there, how often is it a liability?

28 Aug 2017 spags

Love it. Great way to usher out RP!

28 Aug 2017 Heinzel

@FightingWalloon almost every time i install it. If i don´t think i can rez it i won´t install it and it´s only a one of.
@Nembras Subliminal Messaging is an amazing card in this deck. The earlier you draw it the better.
Yagura is still amazing against everything except Yog and Inversificator. Against Incersificator you don´t rez yagura and try to override it. You also try to override Vanilla and Pup since you don´t want to swap your high rez cost ice for a weak ice.

29 Aug 2017 Nembras

Any thoughts on Kakugo over Eli? While being more expensive and easier to parasite, it's not clickable, and the guaranteed net damage makes obokata harder to steal and rnd more annoying to run repeatedly, especially when stacked

30 Aug 2017 Heinzel

@Nembras i haven´t tried it so i am not certain but i think Eli is better overall for this style of deck. I think it´s overall more flexible since it´s better in a scoring remote imo. Also being cheaper is quite relevant, the average cost of ice got pushed over the last iterations of the list and having cheap taxing early game is amazing. I don´t think it makes Obokata Protocol much more difficult to steal unless the runner went through most of his deck. I also don´t like splitting the tax between money and cards. Even though many ices have netdamage subs they barely ever fire (and if they fire it´s probably from a desperate glory run), so the 1 net damage is barely taxing at all.

1 Sep 2017 helanhalvan

With 6 HB cards, you can splash 3 Jeeves models for free, why are those not in there?

1 Sep 2017 Nembras

Slots. Jeeves does less to further your gameplan than other cards you would cut for it. You want your caprices, sundews, jacksons etc for it to be an effective glacier. Blacklist does a lot more than Jeeve's extra click, and your tech startups more or less guarantee an early sundew or blacklist.

1 Sep 2017 PureFlight

@helanhalvan I could see dropping a card for a Jeeves, seeing as you can pull it up with Tech Startup. But what to drop...maybe a Yagura? You'd go down to 17 ice and Yagura would be 2x, so that all seems good to me.

Jeeves would be nice because you can NA a Nisei or IA an Obokata. Plus you can get bonus clicks for Subliminal+Gift turns.

2 Sep 2017 Heinzel

@helanhalvanSlots and it´s usefulness. This deck can use the clicks only to neveradvance a 4/2. Other than that it´s just a more clunky pad campaign.
I don´t know if i would like to have such a card in my deck even if i had the slots, just because it´s good effect seems to be quite situational and using it just for credits seems bad.

2 Sep 2017 Netrunnerunner

Did you feel the "peek at R&D" sub warranted Yagura over Aiki? I had considered Aiki almost a straight upgrade to Yagura, with the only downside being that the runner can get cheap-ish card draw. But then, I've never won a nationals, so what do I know? :P

3 Sep 2017 Shishu

How did you do without a current? I know you don't have enough influence for ELP, but Cerebral Static will still overcome Employee Strike and Rumor Mill.

3 Sep 2017 Heinzel

@Netrunnerunner I think the cheap draw makes aiki quite bad. If your opponent doesn´t have cards in hand that he intends to keep it basically gets broken for 1 credit without a breaker. It is also way worse against Yog. The look at the top also protects r&d pretty and when installed in other servers allow you to filter your draws.

@Shishu I think you can´t win the current war with RP. The runners play more than one most of the time and have access to Same Old Thing and Déjà Vu. Against these currents you have to try to score. Since you can build really expensive remotes you should be able to score. Sometimes you have to sacrifice an agenda first though. I also don´t like currents that cost 2 in a deck that´s so tight on money.

7 Sep 2017 ff0X

@Heinzel I am happy to see my favorite RP player winning the German nationals a 2nd time with RP. Cheers Heinzel