[Startup] Zahya's Laundromat (2nd at Ysengrin's)

FreeformJazz 178

No Dirty Laundry in Zahya's house, she cleans up fast!

Fairly standard (fairly startup?) Zahya deck with the Anarch breaker suite. Notably, I replaced Dirty Laundry in favor of more multiaccess. No Sneakdoor Beta or Security Testing since leaving Archives open is already a bad idea against all the successful run triggers.

It might be better to replace The Maker's Eye with Khusyuk to take advantage of all the 3-cost installs, but I like the former's speed and synergy with the ID. I would also consider replacing Mutual Favor with an Overclock to have more money upfront against Bellona and Manegarm Skunkworks.

Finished 2-1 at Ysengrin's, only losing to Soaps the champion's Weyland Consortium: Built to Last. Congrats!

23 Jul 2021 BadEpsilon

This deck is a delight to play. I've been trying out a few of the Zahya Startup decks and this one really hit the right notes for me. The Pennyshaver/Dreamnet combo feels great. Career Fair almost always has a useful target. This deck always has SOMEWHERE worth running, and running is what makes this game fun.